Ron Snyder was born in the year 1956 in Santa Monica in California USA. He got married to Kim Basinger in 1980 but they got a divorce, in the year 1989. He had to change the name to become Britton and it was the request of his wife who wanted to continue using the initials K.B. He stopped his work because of the marriage but after his divorce, he had to go back to his job since the wife stopped to pay the alimony. He tried his hands on the men‘s football in the Summer Olympics.

Ron Snyder has three children, one called Allison, and twins called Brett and Ashley. He got his degree in accounting and finance at University of Colorado. He was the co-founder and a senior executive who was responsible for the Global sales, acquisitions, mergers and marketing in Dii Group. He was in Flextonics International of 2000. He worked like a senior vice president of Flextronics International of 2000- 03. He is a consultant of Crocs of 2004. He worked like a chief executive officer.

Ron Snyder stopped his retirement and came to work for Crocs Inc. this is a maker for the rainbow colored resin shoe which became famous in the year 2005. He is a former electronic executive and he has experience of running multinational manufacturing company.

Ron Snyder was a co-founder for 1950s, which is an electronic manufacturing company. It was found in Boulder County, in Suburb of Niwot in Colorado. He was in charge of his acquisition business, mergers, marketing and sales. The offering of the stock market was able to boost his fortunes and after seven years, Dii was able to merge the Flextonrics International. After the merger, the family stayed in Boulder and he had to commute to Flextronics office in the week.

Crocs was doing better in China, Mexico and Romania. He had to hire experienced senior managers and it included some executive of Flextronics. In just one year after he came to board, the company started to trade publicly and it was trading under Crox. It was able to raise over 208 million dollars. The offer helped to finance the Crocs store in New York for winter 2006-07. He also funded patent-infringement lawsuits that were against copycat Crocs.

Ron Snyder was in charge of traditional footwear with the range of some new shoes foam and they were made by Croslite while the upper was made in suede, leather or other materials. When it comes to his biography, some information about him like studies or other people he had dated cannot be found easily. His net worth is not recorded and when it comes to his salary, it is said to be one of the highest paid CEO but it is not clear how much he makes. His pictures cannot be found online.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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