Robin Wright

Robin Wright was born in the year 1966. She is a director and actress of American nationality. She was the star of House of Cards, a political drama of Netflix where she was Claire Underwood. For the role, she won Golden Globe Award in the category of Best actress in Television Series Drama. This made her the first actress who won a Golden Globe for a web television series.

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For the same role, she was nominated for different awards such as Prime Emmy for outstanding lead Actress in Drama category. Robin Wright got attention when she had a role in the NBC Daytime soap opera called Santa Barbara. She was Kelly Capwell. Afterwards, she continued the career with films where she was the start of Princess Bride film. She was successful in her career and she has starred in many romantic and comedy drama such as Forrest Gump, Message in a Bottle and Unbreakable. She was also in Everest, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Moneyball, The Conspirator and Unbreakable.

She acted in 1982 Cult Classic Film, Bride Runner 2049, Wonder Woman, Justice League and Everest.

Her biography started where she was born in Dallas of Texas. Her mother is Gayle, who was a cosmetic saleswoman and the father Freddie Wright who was an employee of a pharmaceutical company. She was raised in the city of San Diego in California. She went to La Jolla High School and then to Taft High School of Woodland Hills in Los Angeles.

Robin Wright started her career like a model and she was only 14 year old. When she reached the age of 18 , she played as Kelly Capwell at NBC soap opera named Santa Barbara. For the role, she got different nominations for Daytime Emmy Award.

For her personal life Robin Wright was married with Dane Witherspoon, another actor. They met in the year 1984 at the set of Santa Barbara soap opera. They got involved after his divorce from Madonna. She got pregnant and she gave birth to their daughter Dylan Frances and then their son Hopper Jack. After having children, the two decided to get married, however, the relationships was off and on for some time and they decided to get a divorce and they also withdrew from it.

In the 2009, Robin Wright decided to divorce and said, she had no plans of reconciling with her husband. The divorce became final in the year 2010. She started to date Ben Foster, an actor and they announced an engagement but the engagement got called off, they got together again and they called off the second engagement.

Robin Wright is a spokesperson for The Goldie foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Dallas. She is a co-partner of two companies, Synny Lion and Pour Les Femmes. Her net worth is 60 million dollars. For social media, she is on Twitter.

21 Oct, 2017