Robert Redford

Robert Redford, the 81 year old legendary Hollywood actor, is a renowned actor, director, entrepreneur and film producer. He is famously known for his movies such as ‘The Way We Were’ and ‘The Sting’.

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Personal life

Born on 18th August, 1936, Robert Redford was the son of a milkman who later turned into an accountant. Robert was born in California. The names of his parents were Martha W and Charles Redford. He has a step-brother as well. His ancestry is Irish, Scottish, English and Scots-Irish.

Robert attended Van Nuys High School along with classmate Don Drysdale, who later turned into a famous baseball player. Robert recalls being a notorious student who found solace outside the classroom in arts room and sports field. He attended the University of Colorado but couldn’t graduate as he turned into a drunkard and was kicked out of the school. Later, Robert studied painting at the prestigious Pratt Institute which is based in Brooklyn.

Robert Redford tied the knot with Lola Van Wagenen in September 1958 and had 4 children with her. Most of his children from his first family are well-established. The couple parted ways in 1985 and Robert once again married his second wife Sibylle Szaggars in Hamburg, Germany. Robert Redford is one of a kind.

In an age of mobile phones and internet, Robert prefers to be the old-school kid who spends his time reading books and painting rather than using the internet. Hence, he isn’t active on instagram, twitter or any other such social media. Nevertheless, he does have several fan pages on these websites.


Getting kicked out of the University of Colorado was actually a blessing in disguise for Robert Redford as that helped him realize his true potential. He began travelling across the continent and visited many countries. He began working in the California oil fields and saved enough to study arts in Paris and Florence. Robert made his debut on stage with the film ‘Tall Story’ after he enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Art. He got recruited for the production of ‘Barefoot in the Park’ which went on to become a hit but it took Robert five more years to become a successful star.

Stage experience coupled with television shows led Robert to his movie roles. He got his big break in ‘The Sundance Kid’ (1969) while he was thirty-two years old. This was followed by many highly acclaimed roles including ‘The Sting’ and ‘The Way We Were’ both released in 1973 which made Robert the No. 1 box office star for the following three consecutive years. Robert’s love for acting made him start an institute called ‘Sundance Institute’ in 1980 which teaches aspiring filmmakers.

The annual film festival held by Sundance Institute attracts thousands of viewers from all over the world. Robert’s debut film as a director was ‘Ordinary People’ which won him the ‘Best Director Award’ in 1981. It is of no surprise that Robert has had a flourishing career as an actor and director. This is why his net worth is $170 million.

18 Dec, 2017