Robert Lamm

Robert Lamm is an American singer, keyboard player and a guitarist who is 73 years old today. He is associated with the band ‘Chicago’ and has written songs like ‘Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?’ and ‘Saturday in the Park’.

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Personal life

Born on 13th October 1944 in Brooklyn, New York, Robert Lamm exhibited exceptional talent and interest in music ever since he was a mere young boy. He was raised in Chicago, Illinois every since he turned fifteen after his parents separated from each other. Robert’s biological parents were avid music lovers and kept a huge collection of Broadway Musicals and jazz of the old generation which instilled in young Robert motivation to pursue music as his career. Eventually, he coaxed his mother into letting him join a choir church group in Brooklyn.

Robert Lamm has been married four times throughout his lifetime. His first marriage happened to actress Karen Sullivan way back in the 1970s. Following his divorce from Karen, Robert wedded Julie Nini, then Alex Donnelley and finally Joy Kopko. Currently, Robert enjoys life with his wife Joy Kopko in New York. His daughters from his previous relationships are still in close contact with him as he still looks after his extended family. Shying away from social media, Robert Lamm has no official Instagram account and is very inactive on his twitter handle.


Robert Lamm has thrived at song-writing and playing keyboard and guitar. His writing skills led him to become the unstated leader of his band ‘Chicago’. He has penned down the band’s hit numbers namely ‘Saturday in the Park’, ‘Beginnings’, ’25 or 6 to 4’. His melodious voice coupled with his instrument skills was an asset to the group. Fans are of the view that Robert was the most conscientious person in the entire group as some of his songs like ‘Free’ and ‘State of the Union’ exhibited a political theme.

When the band was at the zenith of their success, bassist Peter Cetera became the center of attraction while Robert got drifted away into a state of depression which was mainly due to his abuse of cocaine. Both his personal and professional life came to a standstill and there seemed to be no hope but with proper rehabilitation, Robert finally overcame his addiction.

Despite his old age, Robert Lamm is still committed to the group but he is saddened by what the other members have done to the group. As for Robert, he still releases solo albums and collaborates with other stars while the band ‘Chicago’ still tours and attracts handsome amount of fans every concert.

Despite reaching seventy-three years of age, Robert Lamm doesn’t seem to have been done with music yet. His curious adulators are always happy to see him on stage and the arena still sells out whenever Chicago plays. Robert has done music throughout his life which is why even at this age when his work ethic has declined, his net worth is still a whopping $20 million.

20 Sep, 2018