Rhonda Aikman

Rhonda Worthey is known as a successful commentator of the Fox News. She was already known to the media but her further increased when she got married to Troy Aikman, who is a very popular footballer.

Personal life

Rhonda Worthey was born in London. She has not shared any information about her birth date or birth year to the social media so we could not gather any information regarding that from her biography. Rhonda was brought up by her grandparents as her parents remained very busy due to their professional lives. She never had any siblings or cousins to play with and was very close to her grandparents. Rhonda has hardly spent any time with her parents and thus, she also had no affections towards them.

When she was eight years old, her parents decided to settle in Los Angeles. They also took Rhonda with them without any notice. As Rhonda was very close to her grandparents, she did not want to leave them behind. She remained depressed with her parents and did not want to stay with them. Rhonda even suffered from serious depression which resulted in other health disorders. Rhonda’s health condition worsened after her grandparents passed away.

Rhonda’s mother had to leave her job to take care of her daughter. She finally recovered and started her middle school education. As a student, Rhonda was very brilliant and confident. Along with that, she also had a great voice. Though her parents wanted her to pursue singing as a career option, she had other plans. Rhonda always wanted to stay connected with the society and the political news.

Rhonda excelled in several fields like debates and quiz. She also took part in several competitions. Rhonda’s only hobby was to read general knowledge books and keep herself updated with daily news. After completing her high school graduation, she went to the university to study bachelor’s degree. She also pursued a major degree in journalism. Rhonda’s personal life has been a part of the controversy since the time when she started dating Troy Aikman.

Though Rhonda was previously married and had a daughter, it was not much known to the media. It was from when she started dating Troy that her life came under the spotlight of the media. Rhonda first met Troy at a sports conference. Their communication grew which resulted in their love relationship. Though they tried to keep their relationship secret, the media found it out. The couple kept their marriage ceremony quite simple and invited only some relatives and close friends. The couple was also blessed with two daughters after their marriage. However, the relationship did not last long and the couple got separated. According to Rhonda’s biography, she is single.


There isn’t a lot of information about Rhonda’s professional career, avialable with the media. We only know that Rhonda has served as a news commentator in the Fox News channel. During her career, she has received a good amount of salary and now enjoys a high net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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