Rebecca King-Crews

Rebecca King is a former beauty queen and singer. She was Miss Gary of Indiana in 1984. She got married to Terry Crew.

Personal life

Rebecca was born in 1965. She went to Western Michigan University and that is where she met her husband, Terry Crew. She never talked about her parents or her siblings. Her childhood is not opened up in the media. Rebecca does not share the media screen with Terry and thus, there is very little that we know about her childhood. It is assumed that she had a normal childhood.

After a short period of dating, they got married, in 1990. She has five children with him. Her marital biography was not all roses. She had to work on his addiction to porn and depression. Terry talked about his addiction to pornography in his book. This almost caused their marriage to break. Later, Terry convinced Rebecca and the problem was solved.

Before her marriage with Crews, she had a daughter with another man. Though she has a fair skin tone, she is an African American. Rebecca was not married before. There are no details about the man who fathered her first daughter, Naomi. Naomi also has a child before marriage. Naomi was born one year before they got married. Thus, it is assumed that she dated Terry for less than a year before getting married. In 2016, they announced that they are planning to adopt a child. They both have five children together and yet; they are planning to adopt one. She mentioned that it was something that they planned long before their marriage.

Rebecca was never known to be a part of any affair. There are no reasons cited to why it did not work out with Naomi’s father. No one has ever come up to media to announce that he is the father of Naomi. It is not known whether Naomi is in contact with her biological father or not. Rebecca was never engaged or been in any celebrity relationship before. Though Terry had an addiction to pornography, he was never accused of having an affair with another woman. It is said that to impress Rebecca, Terry went on a 90-day sex-fast. This proved to Rebecca that he loves him a lot and this incident was the one that saved their marriage from divorce.


She was an actress for a short period of time. She is famous for her performance in Mo’Nique Show, E!, True Hollywood Story and others. She has also produced a few programs. She quitted acting and became a gospel singer and talker. She has appeared in a lot of magazines for her works. She gives many lectures. She has taken charge of many Christian communities too. Her net worth is not known to media. She has mentioned that she is the founder and CEO of Crews Arts Ltd.

Rebecca took up musical theater in college but, it is not clear whether she graduated or not. She had a gospel singing group when she was in college called, ‘The Chosen Ones’. When their marriage was on rocks, she channeled her anger and pain into a song. She expresses herself as a songwriter and singer too.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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