Ray Romano is an American actor who is very well known for super hit TV show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’ Ray was born in Queens District of New York in the year 1957, and right from the childhood was highly interested in standup comedy. He started his career in the mid-1980’s and later on got his dream break in ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ which was a primetime show for nine seasons and also provided him with an Emmy award. After this success, Ray went on to create highly acclaimed show ‘Men of a Certain Age’ and a drama series ‘Parenthood.'

Ray was raised in a middle-class family along with brother and since childhood had an aspiration to becomes a comedian. At the age of 16, Ray formed his comedy group with his local friends and performed at local events. After completing his schooling, he went on the study accounting in Queen College. It was not till 1984 when Ray thought that he could consider a career in comedy. His career got a real boost when he won a comedy competition which was organized by Ney York City radio network.

After this success, Ray landed an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jonny Carson.' His performance was noted by the world which gave him a chance to perform on ‘Late Night with David Letterman.' Letterman liked him so much that he offered him to host a new show which was being developed by his company. It was this collaboration which gave birth to one of the most successful CBS show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. In this show, Ray was seen playing the role of a husband and a father whose parents were staying next door. This offbeat household comedy-drama hit all the right nerves with critics and public and also presented him the Best Actor award in Emmy. Series also won an Emmy in the year 2003 and is still remembered as one of the most thoughtful and beautiful representations of family drama. Show ruled the hearts of the audience for nine long seasons and was finally called off in 2005. He also married Anna Romano and lived a happy life with her. Ray has four kids with his wife. His children are also looking to make a break in the Hollywood.

The success of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ opened a lot of doors for Ray and increased a lot of net worth for him. He also got an opportunity to perform in the White House for a special dinner organized for President Bill Clinton in the year 1998. He was also an integral part of Toyota Comedy Festival which was held in Carnegie Hall in the year 1999. That was the year when he also published biography ‘Everything And a Kit’ which went on to becomes the best selling of all time.

Romano has also presented opportunities to work on silver screen. In the year 2004, he co-starred with actor Gene Hackman for a comedy venture Welcome to Mooseport and also joined the distinguished cast of Eulogy. Along with these projects, Ray also lends his voice for the successful franchise Ice Age and all its sequels. He was the voice of Wolly Manny in the movie. He then again returned to TV for the show Men with Certain Age which was written and produced by Romano.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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