Ralph Benmergui


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Morocco-born Jewish, Benmergui is a Canadian comedian, actor, broadcaster, writer and a man with many more feathers in his cap. Though after a career spanning decades, Benmergui does not have any plans to retire anytime soon.

Ralph Benmergui’s Age

Ralph Benmergui is presently 63 years old. He was born in 1955, his birthday is not popularly known. He was born in Tangier, Morocco. He was named Raphael Benmergui at his birth. His family moved to Toronto, Canada when Benmergui was only two years old.

Ralph Benmergui’s Bio

Benmergui is Jewish. His lineage is from Sephardic Jews. His father passed away when he was only three years old. In Toronto, Benmergui grew up feeling foreign as his family’s cultural practices and their mother tongue was different. It was in a midtown Jewish neighborhood where he grew up.

Interestingly, Benmergui does not have a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. He went to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute at age 27 for three years Applied Arts Bachelor’s course in journalism. At Ryerson, he was a student of Stuart McLean. When Benmergui was only in the second year of this course, Mclean recognized his talents and informed him that CBC was looking for a researcher for their radio shows in Winnipeg, Canada.

Ralph Benmergui’s Career

Benmergui is an alumnus at the University of Alberta where he studies acting. He acted in a few films, like the By Design (1981) and Trapped (1982). He also appeared in some tv series. But Benmergui did not like acting as he felt he had no control over the narrative. So he decided to change his career. His sister was already doing her Master’s program at Ryerson when he asked her if he could audit her class. But to do that he needed credentials.

Benmergui career in journalism started as a program producer and news director at CKLN-FM, a radio station based in Toronto, Canada. While at CKLN-FM, he was also performing as a part-time stand-up comedian.

At the suggestion of Stuart McLean, Benmergui went for the interview at CBC. He got the job there as a chaser. It was Ron Robinson, the host of Night Lines who encouraged Benmergui to try for his post which he would soon be leaving. Benmergui agreed and he got the job. He hosted Night Lines, on CBC Stereo from 1984 to 1987. He moved back to Toronto then and began hosting Prime Time, on CBC Radio for the next two years. (1987-1989).

His first stint in television was with CBC Television’s show Midday which he co-hosted with Valerie Pringle between 1989 to 1992. After which he had his own television variety show on CBC Television called the Friday Night! With Ralph Benmergui, between 1992 to New Year’s Eve 1993.

He was awarded the prestigious Japan Prize for Best International Youth Programming and a Yorkton Film Festival prize for Best Youth Programming. He was also nominated for Gemini Awards five times.

Over the years, he appeared in several documentaries and TV series.

Ralph Benmergui’s Wife, Married and  Divorced

Cortney Pasternak is Benmergui’s current wife. Pasternak is Benmergui’s second wife. They have two children. Emmanuel and Isaiah, aged 12 and 8 years old respectively.

Benmergui has been married twice. His first wife was Kathryn. He is the father of four sons. Benmergui’s children, Joshua and Chas, are 31 and 28 years old respectively. They are from his first marriage. There are no public records of Benmergui and his first wife, on the internet. Their divorce was kept out of the public eye.

Where Is Ralph Benmergui Now?

Benmergui is working with the Green Party of Ontario since 2009 as a Strategic Communications Advisor. He has and continues to, advise several businesses, media houses, academic, environmental and political organizations. He is also a Jewish spiritual director, a Mashpia. He conducts a workshop Ageing and Sageing. He is also the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships at Sheridan College Institute.

Benmergui’s net worth is estimated to be around $ 68.9 million. Benmergui lives with his family in Hamilton, Ontario.

22 Dec, 2018