Rae Williams

Rae Williams is a New York-born actress and the daughter of the late actor, Robin Williams. Rae’s name ‘Zelda,’ as her father suggested, was derived from The Legend of Zelda, whereby the princess in the video game series was called ‘Zelda.’ Rae’s mother, Marsha Williams, was Robin’s second wife and of Finnish descent.

Personal Life

Rae Williams’ biography has July 31, 1989, as the date the beautiful actress was born. Being born in a family of celebrity parents, the Williams, Rae’s childhood life was not a struggling one. Robin Williams, Rae’s father, was a much-celebrated actor who ensured his family lived a high lifestyle. Rae’s siblings include Cody Williams and Zachary Williams.

From her pictures and TV appearances, one can agree that Rae is a beautiful female with sexual attraction. As such, she has won the admiration of most people including several celebrities. However, despite the rumors revolving around Rae’s hook ups, she described her sexual orientation as being bisexual and is currently single. That is to say, Rae is neither married nor have a husband.

However, it is believed that Rae’s bisexuality is a lie. This is because Rae is neither seeing any female partner nor has been associated with one before. Rather, Rae was romantically linked to Colin Donnell, an American actor. Rae and Colin started dating in 2012, but their relationship came to an end in 2013. Details behind the break up are not clearly known.

Being the daughter of Robin Williams, a celebrity actor, Rae’s acting career was quite easy. Unlike most actresses, Rae gained fame rather quick. In her leisure, Rae enjoys attending fashion events and musical concerts. Williams’ Wiki and IMDb profiles are frequently updated, and fans can directly interact with her or see her beauty and posts on Instagram by following her @zeldawilliams.           

Career Life

As far as Rae’s acting career is concerned, her debut appearance on TV was in the film dubbed In Search of Dr. Seuss. After some time, Rae cast on House of D, a comedy-drama film where she characterized Melissa. In addition to that, Rae has characterized in various other movies including playing Frankie in Were the World Mine, a musical fantasy film. The other films Rae has been cast include Detention, a horror film she played as Sara, Stupid Questions, Jezuz Loves Chaztity and See You on the Other Side. Also, Rae was in the cast in 2012 in Noobz, an American comedy.

Apart from acting, Rae’s amazing voice has helped build her brand as she has provided it in several animated films including The Legend of Korra. In this animated TV series, Rae appeared in 11 episodes, and she again provided her unique voice in 2015 in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a computer animated TV series.

Despite the aforementioned animated TV series, Rae has reportedly provided her voice in King’s Quest, a video game. In addition to that, Rae has featured in Transformers: Robots in Disguise, another animated TV series which is among Rae’s latest projects. All these projects have been integral contributors to her $2 million net worth.