Rachelle Wilkos

 Bio ans age Rachelle Wilkos is a well-known American producer. Wilkos has worked as a producer for a famous show called The Jerry Springer Show. 47 years old Rachelle is still active and advancing in her career. Rachelle Wilkos was born as Rachelle Lynn Wilkos on 11th January 1971 in St. Clair Shores, Michigan

 Rachelle Wilkos Personal Life and Education Career

 Rachelle’s biography mostly contains information about her professional life. According to the information available, Rachelle’s mother Maggie was a hairdresser. There is no authentic information about her father though. Rachelle’s mother established an organization named “Wigs 4 Kids” which was focused on making wigs for those kids whose hair fall out due to cancer and other diseases. There is no information about Rachelle’s siblings.

Rachelle spent her early childhood in her hometown and went to a local school to complete her early education. Later, Rachelle went to attend Wayne State University for higher studies. She majored in Journalism and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University.

 Rachelle Wilkos Married life and Children 

As far as Rachelle’s marital life is concerned, she is in a happy committed relationship with her husband Steve Wilkos. Rachelle and Steve got married in the year 2000. The couple has 2 children named Ruby, who was born in 2003 and Jack, who was born in 2005. Steve and Rachelle used to live in Illinois and later in 2009, they moved to Connecticut. Rachelle and Steve Wilkos now live in Connecticut with their Son and daughter. Rachelle has never gone through a divorce.

  Rachelle Wilkos Professional Career Path

After graduating from university, Rachelle started to pursue her career to become a successful producer. In the start, the successful producer got an internship opportunity at a local TV channel. Rachelle worked as an intern for a local morning show “Company” in the year 1994. This was her first experience with the entertainment industry. Rachelle’s hard work as an intern got her the job and kept on doing the hard work at her job. Rachelle got promoted to the position of Associate Producer. This promotion brought her more opportunities. Rachelle got a chance to work for the Jerry Springer Show. She joined the Jerry Springer Show team and soon became the senior producer of the show.

She performed her duties on the show for a brief period of time. The show kept on succeeding and attracting more and more audience. Later, when Richard Dominick left the Jerry Springer show, Rachelle Wilkos was the one to who filled the position of the executive producer of the show. The show was named the Steve Wilkos Show now as Rachelle’s husband Steve Wilkos was now hosting the show.

What is  Rachelle Wilkos Net Worth?

Rachelle currently works as the executive producer of the Steve Wilkos Show. Rachelle keeps a low profile and mostly focuses on her job. The executive producer has never been involved in any kind of controversy. There is no record of any awards in Rachelle’s name. As of now, Rachelle’s net worth has not been revealed, but considering her successful career as an executive producer, she must worth a lot.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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