Rachel Dipillo

Rachel Dipillo is a well known television actress. She is very popular for his role play in a popular television series

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Personal life

Rachel Dipillo was born in the year 1991 on January 26th. She grew up in Nashville with her siblings though she was born in Flint, Michigan. Rachel’s parents were American. Her mother worked as a makeup artist and her father was a police officer. Rachel grew up with her two younger sisters.

As a child, she has always heard taunts about her complexion and figure. Rachel had a darker complexion and weighed more. She did not have any friends in her school. But Rachel’s sisters and parents have always stood by her. They have always provided her with the inner strength and encouragement to fight back. This built in her confidence and she did not pay any hid to the taunts.

As Rachel grew up, she started getting concerned about her figure. Rachel developed an interest towards the glamour industry during her early teenage. She wanted to be a part of the industry which was hardly possible if she did not become fit. Rachel joined the gym and took regular fitness classes to get the perfect figure she always desired. She also took care of the complexion of her skin.

As her mother was a makeup artist, she knew several skin hacks which helped Rachel to get flawless skin. Though Rachel wanted to start her modelling career early, her father did not her to do so and asked her to finish her bachelor's education before pursuing her passion. She completed her high school graduation and after that, went to the university to pursue her bachelor's degree.

Other than this, Rachel does not share much information about her personal life with the media. We could not discover any facts about her marriage or children from her biography till now. Rachel is probably single and is enjoying her success and net worth.


As given in her biography, Rachel Dipillo started her career while in the university. She developed her contacts through local agents and started her career initially, as a model. Rachel started posing for fashion magazines and journals. She has also posed for some popular commercials. As her popularity grew, she was also approached by some famous magazines.

While posing for several photo shoots, Rachel never forgot about her interest towards the acting industry. She kept practising regularly and was also an active member of the theatre group during that time. As Rachel did not have any professional training in acting, she was very nervous. Rachel started performing in many supporting roles but appeared in a major role in ‘Jane, the Virgin’.

Rachel has earned a lot of recognitions for her appearance. She was praised a lot by her seniors and mentors. This success in her career made her feel like she has not done any mistake by pursuing her passion over any other profession. Other than this, Rachel was also seen in many other television shows.

09 Jan, 2018