Phil Kim was born on 20th December 1980 in New York, USA. Phil is mostly known for his success in the real estate business of his father. He has also done some acting roles in different movies. His father was not happy with his dreams of becoming a successful actor, so being a son of a businessman, he followed his father’s footsteps and helped him in his business. He now runs his father’s real estate business.

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Personal Life

Phil was born in New York to a real estate businessman of Korean ethnic American national. He went to a school in New York, where he completed his studies and then went for higher studies. He got a degree in financial studies. There is not much in Phil’s biography, but his personal life is mostly about her wife. Phil is married to an actress named Grace Park. The history of their relationship goes way back to 2002 when they first start dating.

There is not much information about Phil’s relationships prior to this one, but he has never gone through a divorce for sure. After they started dating in 2002, Phil and Grace grew stronger in their relationship. Grace has also a Korean background. Her parents moved to the United States and then to Canada in their time. Grace has a successful acting career. Same Korean background must have played a great role in their strong relationship

. Phil and Grace got married in 2004. They are in a loving and committed relationship. After a long time into their marriage, they welcome a baby boy in their life. There is no authentic news about the birthday and name of the baby though. Having a baby portrays a very strong bond between the couple. Although they both have very different career paths, a greater understanding in a relationship maintains the charm in their marital life. Most of Phil’s life revolves around his family.


Phil has done minor roles in some movies. These movies are not too famous, but have average ratings. He has worked in “Big Sur”, “Seven Days in Utopia”, and “shouldn’t have been Romeo”. His work, however, has not got him much recognition. He has enough recognition as a businessman though. After clearing high school, he went to university for higher education. He got a degree in financial studies. He then started to take an interest in his father’s business and eventually became successful.

As of the latest news it has been seen that after he joined the business, much higher profits are being seen which proves Phil’s success. Such success must have brought him a lot of money. The net worth of Phil Kim is estimated to be about 5 million dollars. This worth does not include the fortunes of his wife. However, she must also have earned a great fortune being a part of the entertainment world. Even though Phil is a successful businessman and worth a lot, but there are no renowned awards in his name.

25 Oct, 2018