Phil Keating

Phil Keating, who is originally known as Phillip Keating is a popular news correspondent. He is popular for his work as a journalist. He has covered many breaking news and stories in his career. He has also taken many interviews of the famous personalities in his career till now.

Phil Keating was born in the United States of America. He belongs from an Irish background and is an American national. Phil was the third child of his parents. He belonged from a middle class family and his father worked in an industry as a labour. Phil’s mother was a school teacher and managed most of the household expenses. He grew up with his two sisters. As both his parents worked, his elder sister took care of him, at home. He did not even miss his parents when he was with his elder sister. Phil was very close to his elder sister. He loved her even more than his mother.

As a child, Phil used to experience ill health. He used to suffer from various diseases due to low immunity. He was advised to take good care by doctors. Phil had to even go through a surgery for liver infections. The doctors wanted to do another surgery but his parents could not afford it. Even after some time, his medicines were also discontinued due to financial crisis.

He attended a local school in their town. Phil completed both his primary and high school education from this school. He could not perform well in studies in his primary school years due to the lack of money. But when he went to the high school, his health conditions recovered faster. His grades also improved in high school. Due to the disturbed health condition, Phil could not take part in any sports of his school. As he stayed at home for most of the time, he had enough free time.

Phil used to study several magazines and books to increase his knowledge. He was never a great fan of literature and was only interested in science subjects and Geography. He even used to do various experiments at home when he was idle. As a child, he wanted to become a scientist in the future but due to the lack of money and also due to less than decent grades, he could not do so. The dedicated boy then studied journalism from the university after completing his high school education. He showed his excellence in journalism when he was awarded as the best student of the university. This success fetched him his dream job at the Fox News Channel.

Phil has served the channel by providing exciting breaking stories and important news. He has also dealt with many celebrity cases which have further added to his fame and net worth. Phil’s outbounding fame and success in his career gave him the chance to cover many NASA stories and projects as we could know from his biography. He is very secretive about his personal life and does not like to share much information in the social media.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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