Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown is a popular voice actor, singer, television actor as well as a popular rapper. He is also known to the world for his huge fan following and unique personality.

Personal life

Orlando Brown was born in the year 1987 on December 4th. He was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States. He was born to his American parents and grew up with his siblings. His father was a famous musician and his mother worked at a departmental store. Though Brown’s father was a talented musician, he never got enough recognition for his talent and worked at a bar, as a musician.

Orlando felt very encouraged by his father and wanted to become a musician like him. He initially started taking training from his father at the age of five only. Orlando have an elder brother but he was more intended towards sports than in music and his younger sister had more interest towards acting industry than in music. Orlando’s father had a lot of expectations from Orlando and wanted his son to fulfill all his aspirations.

When Brown was eight years old, his mother passed away. It was very hard for Orlando’s father to take care of all the three children and thus, Orlando and her younger sister moved to his grandparents’ house. He completed his schooling and also attended regular music classes. Orlando initially learnt instrumental music and also played piano. As a child, he went for several music shows and competitions where he also won a few.

Leading to this, Orlando has received several offers for acting during his childhood, which grew his interest towards acting. He started developing passion for both music and acting but he never ignored his studies. He was an average student but he excelled in co-curricular activities. Orlando does not like to share a lot of information about his personal life in the social media. He prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight of the media and thus, there is no information about his girlfriend, wife or children.


As a child, Orlando has made several appearances on the television screen, creating a niche for himself. Later, after completing his high school graduation, he went back to acting. It was not very hard for him to create a grip in the glamour world as he has already made his debut as a child actor. He also appeared on the screen in many films like Major Payne, Inhumane Worker, Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off, Run Ya' Pockets: A Political Economy Analysis of Crime Amongst Harlem Youths, Senseless at the Gate, The Tangerine Bear, The Proud Family Movie and many more.

Orlando never gave up on his passion for music and went ahead to establish himself as a singer. He has also earned fame as a rapper and has a huge number of fan following. All these qualities have helped him to earn many nominations, awards and honors. Orlando’s outstanding success and luxurious lifestyle is the proof of his high net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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