Nikki Glaser

America has been home to some of the finest comedians and Nikki Glaser is one such person who has been able to make a space for herself as a quality stand-up comedian. She also is a podcast host apart from being a television host. She was born on June 1st, 1984 and within 33 years, Nikki has been able to achieve quite a bit in this highly demanding and competitive field. Hence, it would a good idea to have a brief look at her biography and gets to know more about her achievements and also other important aspects of her life.

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Early Days

Nikki Glaser was born in Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. Her father is Edward J. Glaser, and his mother is E. Julie. She is a combination of Irish and German ethnicities. She spent almost her entire childhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Glaser did her high schooling from Kirkwood High School and completed a degree in English Literature from the University Of Kansas.

Personal Life

There is nothing much known about the personal life of Nikke Glaser. Though there have been attempts to get deeper into it, Niki has always preferred to keep it away from the prying eyes of the media. There are reasons to believe that she is either into some relationships or she is perhaps focusing more on her career than anything else now.


Glaser started her first performances when she was just 18 years old, as a standup comedian. Since then, she has become quite popular in this role and she became famous for the role she did in The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Conan. Further, Nikki also has been able to gather a huge list of supporters and fans with Last Comic Standing especially the last two seasons. This was the stepping stone for her success and since this there has been no looking back. She also has been a reasonably successful person for her podcasts. Nikki has done some exemplary work with comedian Sara Schaefer and it is there for all to see in her work You Had To Be There.

Nikki Glaser also has had a short stint on television with the weekly sex show, Nikki & Sara live. Her real success has been in the big screen and she made her debut in the big screen in the year 2009. Since then she has acted in 26 movies and the last one being The Standups where she was herself. The movies have been well received and have helped Nikki Glaser to move from one level of success to the other. Nikkki still is young and therefore there are reasons to believe that she will be able to see many more successful movies hitting the big screen in the years to come. talent as a standup comedian has won her many critical acclaims and positive reviews.

Net Worth

The net worth of Nikki Glaser is around $2 million which is impressive considering the fact that she is just 33 years old. It certainly will go up in the years to come as she starts acting in more assignments.

01 Feb, 2018