Nicolle Wallace

Who is Nicolle Wallace? Born

Nicolle Wallace was born as Nicolle Devenish in 1972. She is author, political commentator and an anchor of Deadline: White House. She is a chief political analyst of NBC News and of MSNBC. She appears most of the time on the 11th Hour with Brian Williams at MSNBC.

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What nationality is Nicole Wallace?

Nicole Devenish was born in the year 1972 and she is an eldest sibling in four children. She was born in Orange County from Southern California. She was raised in the city of Orinda found in Northern California. Her mother was working as an assistant of teacher for third grade at a public school. The father was dealing with antiques. The grandfather called Thomas Devenish was also dealing with antiques in Manhattan. Thomas grew up in England before immigrating to United States together with her family in the year 1947. Her parents have Greek origins but she is of American nationality.

In 1990, she graduated from Miramonte High School and got a B.A of Mass Communication at University of California in Berkeley. She got a masters degree at Northwestern University from Medill School of Journalism.

Nicolle Wallace Married/ career

When she started to work as an on air reporter in California, Wallace did start a political career while working in state politics of California. In the year 1999, Wallace did join White House Staff when George W Bush was serving his first term. She was working like Special assistant of the president and as the Director of Media Affairs of White House. She oversaw the regional press strategy and the outreach.

In the year 2005, Wallace was named to be White House Communications Director. While working in this capacity, she wanted to improve openness to the reporters. She left the job at the White House in 2006 and went to live in New York. She was joining his husband who was working as a representative of Bush Administration at United Nations.

Wallace was also working like the senior advisor of McCain-Palin Campaign in the year 2008. She was appearing often before the network and the cable new programs where she was a defender and a top spokesperson.

Who is Nicolle Wallace's husband? Married

Nicolle Wallace is married to Mark Wallace. He was appointed as US ambassador for United Nations during the Bush government. Afterwards, he became a CEO of United against Nuclear Iran group and Tigris Financial Group. They have a son together. She has a net worth of 3 million dollars.

What political party is Nicole Wallace?

Wallace works as a political commentator who features on regular basis on television news program. The Leading Authorities speakers bureau is representing her. For her political party, she is a Republican. In the year 2013, Wallace was supporting same sex marriage recognition when an amicus brief was submitted to the U.S Supreme Court.

19 Dec, 2018