Nicole Young

Nicole Young is a well known woman, she is successful and she helps her husband. She become to be well recognized like the wife of Dr Dre, a well known business man and a popular musician.

From her biography, Nicole Young was born in the year 1970 in United States of America. She grew up in a normal childhood and she attended good schools. She is of Afro American ethnicity.

For her career, she works with her husband and she is the reason of the success of her husband. Dr Dre had been releasing album that went well and some of the albums are Compton published in the year 2015 and Chronic released in the year 1992.

Nicole Young‘s personal life has always been perfect and after dating Dr Dre, they got married. The marriage took place in 1996 and from that time, they have been living together as a husband and wife. Nicole young and her husband have a strong bond so there is no possibility of divorce. Before getting involved with Dr, Dre, Nicole was in relationship with a basketball player but the relationship did not last long.

It is not easy to know how much Nicole earns but her husband has a net worth of 830 million dollars. Dr Dre ranks at third position of the wealthiest artist. Even if there is enough information about his career, his personal life is kept private and few things are known about him and his wife.

Nicole and Dr Dre had been married for a long period and the two goes to different vacations with their children. Besides producing his own music, Dr Dre also had helped to grow the career of artists like The Game, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, Eminem and Snoop Dog. Nicole childhood is hidden from many people and she continues to hide her life even as a wife of a well known personnel.

Nicole got married but divorced NBA player called Sedale Threatt. She was still with Sedale at the time she met with Dr Dre. Nicole is a step mother to other children of Dr Dre and they are Marcel Young, Tyra Young, La Tanya Danielle and Curtis Young. Dr Dre was also the father to Andre Young Jr and passed away during the year 2008 because of an overdose.

Before marriage, Nicole was attorney but she is not practicing anymore. Despite her age, Nicole young is known to be super hot and there is no way of describing her beauty with the best personality. Nicole is 5 feet with 5 inches and she is around 58 kg. At her age, she continues to keep her hour glass figures and she had never been reported to undergo the plastic surgery. Besides her first marriage, there is no information if she had been in any other relationships before her marriage to Dr Dre.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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