Nick Youngquest 

Nick Youngquest is a famous American model who also has a wide history in the rugby sport.

Nick Youngquest was born in the year 1983 on July 28th. He spent his childhood years in Sydney. He was born to his American parents and has received a Christian upbringing from his childhood days. He was the only child of his parents and had no other siblings. His father was a football coach in a university and his mother was a teacher. He was brought up in a disciplined lifestyle from his childhood days.

As both his parents worked in different professions, they remained busy for most of the time. He could not spend much time with them and had to stay alone at home for most of the time. He used to write poems and stories whenever he got any free time from his studies. He had a good taste in literature and loved to read different stories.

When he was only six years old, he started taking initial football lessons from his father. His father was a talented footballer and was also a professional footballer. His first favourite sport was football and with time, he developed a keen interest towards the game. He also joined the football team of his school where he used to play the role of a goal keeper. He also took part in several football tournaments from his school and also locally. He has also won several football matches and has brought a number of trophies for his school.

When he was in the seventh grade, Rugby was included in the sports list of his school. He had never played Rugby before but wanted to take part in the team from his keen interest towards sports. He loved to play every kind of outdoor sports. As he started playing Rugby he gradually grew an interest towards it. He became more involved in the sport with time.

As he finished his high school graduation, he wanted to pursue with Rugby but his parents strictly protested against it and wanted him to continue with his university education. However, he chose both of them. He took at the university for pursuing further education and also continued his Rugby practice whenever he got some free time. He has also played several Rugby matches in different parts of the world. He has also received several honours and recognitions and as well as won a number of trophies in his career.

Later in his lifetime, he developed a keen interest towards theatres and dramas. When he was mid-way to his Rugby career, he took the decision of shifting his career from being a Rugby player to an actor and a host. He started his television journey with commercials and developed himself as an actor. Besides, he has also hosted a number of television shows and live events which have added a good will to his profession. He has also appeared in several talk shows due to his popularity in the drama industry.