Nefertili Jaquez

Biography of Nefertiti Jaquez? Here is a sneak peek to her personal life:

Nefertiti Jaquez, a talented journalist was born on 12 March 1994 in Providence, Rhode Island. She attended the Brown University of Rhode Island and took her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and American Policy. She also studied journalism independently. She is 5 feet 8 inches. She had a very adventurous career as a journalist working with a variety of media organizations. While studying in the Brown University, Nefertiti took an internship in the Emma L Bowen foundation and got the chance to work at the WJAR in Rhode Island. During this internship program, she took a decision that changed her life.

She realized that she had an interest in media and wanted to pursue a career in media and news sector. In her eventful career, she interviewed Barack Obama, the then President of USA, the navy seals who conducted the operation against Osama Bin Laden. Nefertiti has also trained with the FBI and Homeland Security. She has also covered many significant national and international events, political scandals, and celebrity stories. She also received a number of accolades for her work including the Emmy Award for her outstanding journalism. She was also voted “one of the influential persons in the Delaware Valley” Nefertiti is also involved with a lot of volunteering and social works including mentoring the underprivileged women and helping the victims of physical abuse and domestic violence.

What is her salary?

Nefertiti started her career at the WFOR in 2007 as a journalist. After moving to Texas, she worked for the KPRC-TV. She then left the KPRC for NBC 10 and FOX29. Then from 2016, she has been working for the WSB team as a journalist. According to the pay scale of ABC/WSB-TV, she is currently earning around 78,000 USD per annum.

Is Nefertiti Jaquez married?

Though she is known to bring out information from people, she is very secretive in terms of her personal life. But as far its known, Nefertiti is currently unmarried. In her tweets, she also asserts that she is an unromantic person. Though she is in her thirties, there is no sign of her ending her single life.

Did Nefertiti Jaquez go through a divorce?

As we know, Nefertiti was not married to anyone till today, so there are no chances of her going through a divorce!

Is she a mom?

As we know Nefertiti hasn’t married yet and there was no confirmation of her being involved in a relationship, she does not have any children yet.

What’s Nefertiti Jaquez’s nationality?

She is an American by birth as she was born in Rhode Island. But she is thought to of mixed ethnicity, but which still unknown as she prefers to keep that aNefertitiefertitii speaks fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese so she could have some other citizenship from her parents but it is still unknown. Due to some unknown reasons, she keeps her true ethnicity a secret.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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