Natalie Wihongi

Natalie Wihongi is a model and makeup artist. Natalie is a New Zealand national and mostly known for being the wife of a famous actor Karl Urban. Natalie Wihongi was born in Auckland, New Zealand. Natalie’s biography mostly contains information about her professional life. 

 Natalie Wihongi Personal Life

There is no trace of her family background and Natalie has never revealed her parents’ information and any other facts from her early life. There is no record of any professional college degree in her name. However, a little information about her early education is known that Natalie went to Epsom Girls’ Grammar School in her hometown Auckland. Wihongi used to appear in the news because of her relationship with a famous actor Karl Urban.

Natalie Wihongi Married life

As far as the marital status of Natalie is concerned, she is divorced now. Natalie used to be the wife of Karl Urban. Her ex-husband Karl Urban is a famous actor who has played a lot of prominent roles in famous movies, including “Lord of The Rings” and “Thor”. There is no information about Karl and Natalie’s first encounter, however, they were seen together and confirmed the news that they were dating each other for some time. Natalie and Karl got married on a fine day of September in the year 2004.

The couple had a son together named Hunter who was born in the year 2000 before they got married. Karl and Natalie were blessed with the second son named Indiana after a year into their marriage in the year 2005. Karl and Natalie spent more than 15 years together, but their relationship couldn’t last long enough. The couple started facing problems and their matrimonial relationship started to fall apart. Karl and Natalie got a divorce in the year 2014.

Natalie Wihongi Career and Net worth

As there is no record about Natalie’s education, she must have a great skill as a makeup artist. According to various sources, Wihongi started her journey as a makeup artist in the year 2000. It has also been mentioned on different platforms that she has worked as a model in the fashion industry for a brief period of time. There is almost no information available about Natalie before she got into a relationship with Karl Urban. The makeup artist was part of the makeup team for the film “The Privateers”.

This movie was released in the year 2000 and the actor Karl Urban was playing the main role in the movie so there is a good chance that Karl and Natalie had their first encounter on the set of the movie. Natalie’s other big makeup work was for the movie “Rain” in the year 2001. Natalie has provided her services as a makeup artist for other movies too. Her current job status is not known.

There is no record of any awards in Natalie’s name. As of now, Natalie’s exact net worth has not been revealed, but different sources claim that her net worth is around 2 million dollars, which include settlements she got in the event of her divorce.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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