Nasser Hussain

Nasser Hussain, born on 28th March 1968 in Madras, India is a former English cricket player and team captain. He has been a part of the English cricket team from 1990 to 2004. During his career as a cricketer, he has also served as a captain of the English team for almost 5 years from 1999 to 2003.

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Personal Life

Nasser was born to Raza Jawad Hussain and Shireen Hussain (originally known as Patricia Price) in India. His father was a hockey player and he played one first-class match in India. In 1975, his father decided to move to England with his family and that’s how this became a turning point in Nasser’s life. Nasser, in his biography, described this migration to England as a big change and he put it into words as leaving behind the prosperous life in India.

He was not entirely happy with moving, leaving behind his childhood friends and simple life in India. He went to Forest school, Walthamstow E17 for his early education. While enrolled in school, he joined a cricket school in Ilford where he used to practice as a bowler for hours with his brothers. His brother known as Mel Hussain (Mehriyar Hussain) also played a first-class match in 1985.

Nasser has been married once so he has never gone through a divorce. He got married to Karen Hussain in 1993. He has been leading a great life in a committed relationship since then. He and his wife welcomed a baby boy and name him Joel, who is their only child.


He was just 8 years old when he was selected to play for Essex under 11s. His talent as a right arm leg spin bowler got him to play for the Essex under 15s when he was just 12 and he became the youngest player in that team. Even though he was talented and started his career this early, he has faced ups and downs in his career. He was chosen to play cricket for schools when he was 14.

As he was turning 15, he grew a foot taller in a very short period of time, which became a problem for his bowling style. His bowling was getting terrible and he was being left behind as his colleagues were getting ahead of him. He was going through a hard time because of that, but he did not give. So he started to focus on his batting instead and this is where his stats turned better. He scored a 1000 runs in that season at Forest and became the first one to do that since 1901.

Later he debuted in ODI cricket in 1989 and in test cricket in 1990. Besides facing hard times in his career, he didn’t abandon his education. He earned a BSc degree in natural sciences in 1989. Through hard work, he became a famous cricketer and also one of the best test captains in cricket history. He retired in 2004 and now works as Commentator at sky sports.

There is no authentic resource to confirm his net worth. However, as a former captain of one of the best cricket teams and a currently a well-known commentator he must worth in the millions. He has won different awards on the field as a player and a captain both. His autobiography earned the best autobiography in British sports book awards in 2005.

25 Oct, 2018