Nash Grier is a popular personality on the internet. He is known to the world for his popular Vine videos.

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Personal life

Nash Grier was born in the year 1997 in December. He was born in Greensboro in North Carolina in the United States. He was born to his parents Chad Grier and Elizabeth Floyd. He grew up with his elder brother, younger brother and half - sister. He was very close to his elder brother and mother from childhood. Nash’s parents worked in the industrial sector and remained busy and thus, he used to spend most of his time with his elder brother. Nash had an interest towards the social media from childhood.

He has developed an interest towards sports from childhood by following his elder brother. His elder brother was a sports enthusiast and Nash has initially received his training for playing football from his elder brother. He had immense interest in table tennis and basketball as well. Nash went to the Davidson Day School. The school was located in a very posh area of the town. Many children from the elite section of the society used to visit this school. Nash has also made many friends from the elite section of the society.

Nash has received a good upbringing and has never faced any kind of financial crisis during his growing period. As he belonged from a very good friend circle, Nash developed an interest towards social media.


Grier was talented in music and attended regular instrumental music classes. He played violin very well and wanted to become a musician in the future. He wanted to spread his interest throughout the world, with the help of internet. Nash’s parents were very worried due to his growing interest towards the social world. When Nash was in his teenage, he developed an interest towards the application Vine. The application was launched in the year 2012. The videos uploaded on the application had a time limit of 6 seconds only. The application had gained a lot of popularity and Nash was very fascinated by the unique features of the application.

01 Feb, 2018