Maya April Moore happens to be a professional player of basketball belonging to African American ethnicity. She plays on behalf of the famous team, Minnesota Lynx. The team plays under the body 'Women's National Basketball Association'. Currently aged twenty eight, she was born on the date of 11th June, 1989. Her birthplace is the Jefferson City in the picturesque Missouri (United States of America).

She got interested and started playing the popular sport of basketball at a very early age. She got her first basketball as a gift when she was in the junior basketball team playing for her school, situated in her hometown itself. Later on, she grew up to be an even fierce player of the game. In her high school years, she was awarded with the locally prestigious 'National Gatorade player of the year' award. Along with this, she was also the recipient of the 'Gatorade best female athlete of the year' award as well as the 'Mcdonalds All American award'.

 In the year of 2009, she got herself selected for the prestigious 'John Warder Award'. This happened when she led her team of Connecticut to a massive victory in the National Basketball championship. This got her the recognition she much needed during that time as a struggling young basketball player. She used to play at the forward spot for the then famous, UConn Women's basketball team.

Not only this, she won the championships (playing for UConn) back to back in the year of 2009 and 2010 respectively. This brought her team, the overall rank of seventy eight. In the coming years, she started playing for the huskies. In the basketball season of the year 2010-11, she led her team to an extended streak of record ninety (both gender, NCAA). This gave Moore's career a huge push and got her a good amount of fame. She later went on to become first female player to sign up with the Jordan Brand. Throughout her career, she has played for many reputed teams like Minnesota Lynx (2011 to present), Ros Castes Valencia (2011 to 2012) and Shanti Flame (2012 to 2016).

She is active on all mainstream social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram etc and is regularly seen interacting with her fans. She lives a quite life in her mansion and usually avoids useless paparazzi and media interaction. She is also known for her frequent donations in various charity events as well as organisations. Her talent truly matches her kind and uncompromising approach in her life.

Her net worth happens to be around eight hundred thousand dollars while her salary is fourth five thousand dollars per annum along with monetary perks of each victory she leads her team to. This is due to her unquestionable talent in the field of her career as well as the tremendous hard work she gave In to realising her dream to become a well recognized professional basketball player. Despite reaching the pinnacle of success in respective field, she still continues to give in her full effort into the sport.