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Morgan Freeman was born on 1st June 1973. He was born in Memphis, U.S. He is married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw but sadly got divorced. He has a daughter named Morgana Freeman with his first wife. He adopted Deena when he was married to Jeanette. He got re-married to Myrna Colley Lee but sadly got divorced in 2010. Freeman and Lee did not have any kids together.

He is blessed with four kids. Morgan has a son  from his relationship with Loleth Adkins. His son's name is Alfanso Freeman, an actor. He first married Cynthia in 1982 and has three kids. They divorced in 1989. His other child's name is Saifoulaye Freeman. He was born to Mayme Edna, a teacher and Morgan Porterfiel Freeman, a barber. He attended Los Angeles City College. He served in the US Air Force as a mechanic (1995-1959). Morgan Freeman has been an American actor and producer. His budding admiration for actors like Gary Cooper and Sidney Poitier.


Morgan freeman is a worthy narrator. He narrated for the opening ceremony of the Invictus games in Orlando, Florida in 2016. He got fame from a children's program called the electric company. He was a part of Hello, Dolly! an American Broadway Production. He won a Golden Globe Award. He also won a Screen Actors Guild Award. He received an Academy award in 2005 for Best Supporting Actor with Million Dollar Baby (2004).

He received Oscar nomination for his performances in Street Smart (1987). Freeman is also known as an Executive producer and star of the tv series Through the Wormhole with his father which airs on the Science channel. He has appeared in box office hits like - Deep Impact (1998), The Sum of all Fears, a terrorist drama genre (2002), The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-12), RED (2010).

 With such authoritative voice he was most naturally suited to enact God in the comedy genre movie Bruce Almighty in 2003 and its sequel, Evan Amighty in 2007. He came forth in a comedy genre movie named Las Vegas (2013). He was a part of the sci-fi hit lucy (2013) and Oblivion (2013). He voiced the animated Lego Movie (2008). He enacted in the movie called Olympus Has Fallen, action thriller (2013).

He was greatly praised for his role in the Slave Tale of Amistad (1997). He is ranked 4th highest box office star with over $4 billion box office gross, an average of $74 million per film. With his commanding voice and placid quality, he has become a renowned personality into the modern American cinema. He is a renowned theatre actor. President Barack Obama honored Morgan Freeman with a national medal of Arts for being an Outstanding Actor, Producer and Narrator and bringing life to all the characters that he performs, inspiring the youth.

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Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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