Min Jung Lee is famous by her nickname Mj Lee is a journalist and news reporter. She was born in South Korea with Asian ethnicity. Her date of birth is not disclosed. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong and did her graduation from Georgetown University. She is a public figure because of her hard work and dedication to reach the position where she currently is!!  MJ Lee is a married woman, with husband sharing same profession.

Personal life

Coming to her personal life, Lee is a bold personality and in is dedicated to her profession. Although very little is known related to her personal life, she is a news reporter and has taken various interviews with famous politicians. Coverage of 2016 campaign brought her into limelight.

Before working with CNN, she was a part of Politico, United States. Apart from being a reporter, she served as a guest on various shows. She met Alex Burns for the first time at Politico and both date each other and the dates were followed by a serious relationship between them, later both got married secretly. Alex is working with The New York Times and both share a happy life together, living in New York city. The couple has keep their married life hidden; it seems they do not like to gain attention to their married life. We wish them to stay happy together.

Net worth

This talented reporter earns a lot with her skills and must have maintained a good net worth, which is not yet clearly disclosed.


Lee started her career being a make up artist, her twitter post about Trump got her noticed and later she started working as Journalist with CNN and her news coverage brought her more name and fame. She covered new on various niches but to be particular, she is a political news reporter.

After completing her graduation, MJ Lee started her career with Capitol Hill and came out with issues like financial regulations, banks and economics. MJ Lee made a successful move to Politico, where she got a decent profile as Politics reporter. Later, she became a part of CNN as national reporter. With several projects, she brought out various issues and her focus on presidential elections framed her publicity.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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