Misha Collins

Mishal Collins is a popular actor in the film industry. He is very popular for his renowned television roles and appeared in many television series.

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Personal life

Mishal Collins was born in the year 1974 on August 20. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to his Irish parents. He grew up in a family where there was no practice of religion at all. He has never even gone to the church and has hardly prayed. He was the only child of his parents. As his parents were habituated to an unhealthy lifestyle, he grew up doing parties and clubbings. He had to go through a lot of health disorders during his growing up period. His parents got divorced when he was only eleven years old. He shifted with his mother but as his mother remained busy mostly with her work and parties.

As a teenager, Mishal used to go out to party with his friends. This also affected his studies and he was dropped out of the school due to his lowest attendance percentage and as well as his worse academic performance. He developed an interest towards acting when he was going through a rehab therapy.

As he had a lot of free time, he used to act by seeing different personalities on the television. His mother hardly paid any attention towards him so he used to spend most of his time with his grandparents. Mishal’s grandmother was a popular theatre actress. She has encouraged Mishal a lot to pursue his acting career. He joined the popular theatre school of the town at an early age. He even gave several interviews for many acting roles but his mother wanted him to pursue his bachelor's degree.


Mishal began his career with the television industry in the year 1998. He appeared in the television series Legacy in a supporting role. He showed so much effort in this television series, that he was approached for a film. Next, he appeared in the film Liberty Heights in the year 1999. All these contributions summed up his success in the film industry and further added to his net worth.

17 Feb, 2018