Michelle Mccool

Michelle McCool is known to the media as a wrestler. She is also a very popular personality of the industry. She has won several championships in her wrestling career and has also been recognised as the Diva of the Year.

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Michelle McCool was born in the year 1980 on January 25. She grew up in Palatka, Florida in the United States. She was born to her American parents Terry and Mary. She grew up with her elder brother from childhood. Her mother worked as a teacher and her father was a superintendent in a company. Her brother was a football enthusiast.

Michelle was very close to her brother. As both her parents remained busy all the time, she developed a strong bond with her brother. Her brother had initially given her the training to play football. She started playing football from the early age of eight years only. She was also an active member in the football team of her middle school. However, she developed a sudden passion towards wrestling in her early teenage.

When McCool told her parents about her interest towards wrestling, they were surprised. During that time, it was not at all common among the girls of her age so her parents felt a bit awkward about it bit his elder brother supported her a lot. He encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue the wrestling career. Michelle started taking kick boxing and gymnastics classes before joining the wrestling class.

As there were no female wrestling coach in her school, she had to attend the class either early in the morning or in the evening. Though she was passionate about wrestling, she never lost interest in other sports. Michelle played basketball as well football, during her high school days. Later, she went to the Florida State University to pursue her masters degree in Educational leadership. After finishing her university education, Michelle stepped into the wrestling career and soon, started earning fame as a professional wrestler in the society.

01 Feb, 2018