Michael Oher

Michael Oher, born Michael Jerome Oher on 28th May 1986, has been a U.S. footballer. He actively participated with college football during his days with the University of Mississippi. He also signed with Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Draft 2009 first round. He was also associated as a player with Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans. Oher had been a unanimous choice for the All-American honors in Mississippi. In 2006, Michael Lewis mentioned in his book entitled The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” the life of Oher’s last year in the high school and the beginning year in the college.

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Personal Life

Oher has been one of the twelve offspring of his parents. His father frequented prison for various reasons, and his mother had been a cocaine addict and alcoholic. Consequently, he got little attention from his parents in terms of discipline and instructions. He failed to clear the first as well as second grade in one attempt each. He studied in different schools numbering eleven during his nine-year period as a student. His biological father had been killed in prison when Oher was still studying in the high school.

Oher played football right from his school days. He got himself admitted to Briarcrest Christian School at the advice of an acquaintance. At this school, he was coached by Tim Long and Freeze. Several universities offered him different scholarships, but he decided to play under the coach Ed Orgeron for the University of Mississippi.

Oher has not married as yet and is single. There is no information available on record about his personal life. He has kept his private life a guarded secret. He seems to have been focusing on his career at the moment. Since he has not married, he has not divorced anyone.


Oher started his career professionally in the year 2009 when he signed The Baltimore Ravens as 23rd pick. He wore the jersey number seventy-four. He had had a contract for five years with The Baltimore Ravens with which he played in the position of right tackle. It was in 2013 that he won Super Bowl Ring for the first time in his career.

In 2014, he entered into a four-year agreement with the team “Tennessee Titans”. However, he suffered several injuries while playing for the Tennessee Titans, and hence, his contract was terminated in the year 2015. After he left Tennessee Titans, he was picked by Carolina Panthers. Oher has been bestowed several honors and awards so far during his career. These include “First Team All-SEC” for four years consecutively from the year 2005 to 2008, and Outland Trophy Finalist to name just a few.

The author Michael Lewis mentioned the life of Oher in his book entitled “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game”. The book turned out to be a best seller. Afterward, a film was made based on the book and was named The Blind Side. The film was produced under the direction of John Lee Hancock. As per his biography, Oher’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.

10 Oct, 2018