Michael Galeotti

Michael Galeotti was an upcoming artist who died even before he can show his full potential. He was born in Long Island as Michael Galeotti and died in 2016. He is also known as the husband of Bethany Joy Lenz.

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He is American actor who had a role in The Jersey, a Disney Channel show. He was in the show up to 2004. He was also playing an Enation keyboard. However, he only appeared in The Jersey and he had never been in any other movies or shows. His then wife Bethany Joy Lenz appeared in One Tree Hill as Haley James Scott and she got nominated for the Teen’s Choice Awards. Bethany works as filmmaker, songwriter, singer and actress.

According to his biography, Michael Galeotti did not accomplish too much during his time. His net worth is not revealed and his death continues to be a mystery. His ex wife was successful and has a net worth of 6 million dollars.

Bethany and Michael dated 30 days and they decided to get married. They wedded in 2005 and the two gave birth to a daughter called Maria Rose Galeotti. When they got their child, there were differences that emerged in the family and they decided to divorce in 2012. The two decided to continue with a friendly relationship in order to raise their child.

Michael battled many health problems in the past and he suffered diverticulitis, high cholesterol and hypertension. This actor visited the hospital when he suffered abdominal and stomach pain, but he did not follow up with the advice of the doctor and he left without being discharged.

During his illness, he did not answer the calls from friends and when they did not hear from him, his friends decided to visit and they found him dead. As reported by the doctor, his death was caused by not following the advice from the doctors and it was a natural death. In nine months of his death, it was reported that he was suffering Atherosclerotic heart disease at the time of his death.

Michael Galeotti was born in 1984 and he died at the age of 31. He suffered alcoholism and had been arrested three times for DUIS. He also spent some time in jail because of many reasons.

When Bethany plays in One Tree Hill, she portrays a good married life but this is not what happened in his live. She got married and had a bad experience that lead to a divorce. Bethany announced that she had divorced her husband on her blog and there is no any other place where the divorce had been reported. After the divorce, she likes to keep everything about her life personal life private and it is not clear if she involved into another relationship or not. It is believed that drinking problem of Michael led to the divorce.

26 Feb, 2018