Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott was born in the year 1956. She is an actress of American nationality. She became well known for playing in The Young and The Restless, a soap opera of Nikki Newman.

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Scott was born under the name of Melody Ann Thomas in the city of Los Angeles. The first movie credit was the time she acted in Marnie, a movie of Alfred Hitchcock in the year 1964. After having parts in some movies and televisions, such as The Shootist, she started to act in The Waltons, Charlie’s Angels and The Rockford Flies.

In the year 1979, when she was 23 years old, she stopped to act in The Waltons and started to perform as Nikki Reed, the poor girl who was from a wrong side of tracks for the daytime serials under the name of The Young and the Restless. She became a replacement of the old Nikki who had appeared in the movie for six months. As the time passes, the character revolved and it became important part in the Genoa city society and she got married to Eric Braeden’s character Victor Newman. She said for the role that it is a miracle that an actor can have a job which lasts over 35 years. She became celebrity guest of the $25,000 Pyramids that lasted one week.

Married, husband, divorce

At the set of the Younger and The Restless, she met her third husband who was an executive producer of the show. He is called Edward J Scott. They got married in the year 1985. She is a mother of 3 daughters, Alexandra Danielle Yeaggy, from the relationship to Carlos Yeaggy, the makeup man who they met at Y&R set and Jennifer from another marriage. The family is living in the city of Beverly Hills in California. Jennifer gave birth to twins in the year 2011, it is a boy called James and a girl called Charlotte. They are the grandchildren of Edward and Melody. In the year 2002, Scott had been asked to be among the original board members for Lucille Ball-Desi Amaz Center in the city of Jamestown in New York. Melody Thomas Scott had been married three times, the first one was to Lindy Davis and it took only one year and then Bob Shield which did not last over a year. She also married the second husband in just a year of divorcing the first husband.


Melody Thomas Scott was born in the year 1956 and she started to act in the year 1964 at the age of 8. She had been working hard her entire life and it helped her to achieve to where she is now. She is among few people who started as child stars and turn to be adult stars as well. While working on The Young and the Restless, she had gained too much weight and had to go through extreme weight loss for 3 months.

Net worth

Her net worth is 7 million dollars

25 Feb, 2019