Megan Mccormick

Megan Mccormick is a famous television presenter. She is very popular for her hosting skills in the travel series of Pilot Productions, which is known as Globe Trekker.

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Personal life

Megan Mccormick was born in the year 1973. We could not recall her exact date of birth as no information is given in her biography. She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Megan was born to her Christian parents. Her father was a travel guide and worked for the country’s government. Megan’s mother was a homemaker and as well as an interior designer. As her father was a travel guide, she has received the chance of travelling to many parts of the world. Later, her family shifted to Florida and she spent most of her life time in the sunshine state.

As a child, Megan Mccormick was interested in dancing; it was her passion. Her mother sent her to a local ballet school. Megan was a very good ballet dancer and has participated in many dancing competitions and dance shows. She also participated in the dance club of her school. She had the knack of learning languages.

Megan’s father knew several languages and she learnt from him. Besides dancing, Megan also excelled in studies. She had a knack for literature and used to read several dramas and plays. She was also a travel enthusiast and was very much fascinated by her father. Megan wanted to travel the whole world but due to the pressure of her studies, she could not manage to do so.

After completing her high school graduation degree, she pursued a bachelor’s degree with a major in English literature from the university. She also pursued her studies in Political Science and Philosophy to achieve the B. S. degree. Due to the weak financial condition of the family, she had to start looking for jobs.

Coming to her personal life, Megan came to meet the love of her life, Gethin Aldous through her passion, travelling. The couple belonged to the same profession and have dated each other for a long time. They tied the knot and soon after that, the couple was blessed with two children, a daughter and a son.


Megan started her career just after finishing her university education. She moved to Japan to be an English teacher. She used to teach literature to the high school students. While working there, Megan also got engaged with some social works. She also joined an NGO to support a few social causes. After the financial condition of her family became stable, she thought of pursuing her passion.

Megan took a job at the Globe Trekker where she used to host several travel events in different places. Megan was involved with several travel events and campaigns. She was finally satisfied with her profession as she has always wanted to do this. She soon became successful in her career and also earned a lot of fame. Megan also holds a high net worth but the exact amount has not been revealed yet.

09 Jan, 2018