Meg Tirrell

There is no doubt that USA has produced some great TV anchors and news reporters. Many of them have been women and they have left their imprints in the sands of time. One such reporter is Meg Tirell who belongs to CNBC. Though she is a famous TV personality nothing much is known about her date of birth.

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In other words she perhaps is not keen on divulging her date of birth and other relevant information. However, she is from America and she belongs to the white ethnicity. She is extremely good looking and is considered as one of the most beautiful TV news names. Hence it is not surprising that she has a good fan following. She also is actively present in social media and has an active presence in most of the famous social media sites.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about her personal life. She seemingly wants to keep everything about her personal life secret and is not keen to share anything about it. Hence it is quite obvious that there is no authentic information about her parents and her early life. She must have dated and even perhaps fallen in love with some men.

However, she prefers to keep her dating and love affair a secretly guarded secret and in spite of many efforts it has not been possible to penetrate this wall of secrecy. However, there are news items which confirm the fact that apart from her successful career as a news personality she has been engaged in quite a bit of charities and social activities. She lives in USA with her family and here again it would be pertinent to mention that not much is known about her family.

However, there are a few things about her looks which have made her a darling with thousands of fans especially men. She spends a lot of time and money in honing her looks and she is perhaps one of the few women news persons with a stunning figure. It is believed that she does quite a bit of workouts and exercises to keep her body in top condition and in perfect shape.

This also is one of the main reasons why she has such a huge fan following on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Here pictures in Instagram are stunning and she has thousands of followers in this site. She dresses up very stylishly and most of the dresses she wears are contemporary to say the least.


Coming to her career, she worked for Bloomberg News in the initial days of her career. She covered biotechnology industry and she also was popular on Bloomberg Television and Bloomberg Business Week. She joined CNBC in April 2014 and here she concentrated on pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

She has also appeared in CNBC Business Day programs because of her increased popularity. Though she is extremely successful in her profession, she has not allowed her professional life to disturb her personal life. Though the exact networth figures of Meg Tirrel are not known, the grapevine suggests that it should be worth a few million dollars which is impressive to say the least.

18 Dec, 2017