Mauricio Pochettino


Mauricio Pochettino was famous as a football player that hits a high number of goals. He’s currently Tottenham Hotspur’s manager. He is known best as “Poch”.


Mauricio Pochettino Personal Life

Mauricio Roberto Pochettino Trossero was born in Murphy, Argentina on March 2nd, 1974. He is the son of Hector and Amalia Pochettino. His parents were farmers. In the native hometown, Murphy, where the main industry is farming, is where little Mauricio grow. Pochettino studied in agricultural specialist school in the same town.


Mauricio developed his interest in football at an early age. Think of a typical kid who played with brothers at night while waiting for their dinner. He was married to the beautiful Karina Pochettino and they have two sons, Sebastiano and Maurizio Pochettino. While his biography never made emphasis on his married life, he still always mentioned her name in his interviews.


Mauricio Pochettino Career

Mauricio started his playing career at a young age with Newell’s Old Boys club when he was 14. He was recruited by Marcelo Bielsa when he visited Murphy one day. By just looking at the young Pochettino, he knew that he will excel in a football career. The interest developed when he watch FIFA world cup with his father at their local club. Pochettino made his debut in 1988 with the Primera Division. During his tenure, he won 1990-91 national championship and 1992 Clausura. The team manager’s methods made an impact on the young Mauricio.

In 1994, Mauricio moved to the team Espanyol, commonly known RDC Espanyol and his stats improved; he was able to score 11 goals. He was with the team Paris Saint-German in 2001-2003 then with Bordeaux in 2003-2004. Thereafter, Mauricio rejoined Espanyol. T

hese are all local teams which developed his skills and made him known as the tough central defender. Pochettino also went international. He played at the CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament for Argentina Olympic Football team held in Paraguay. For the period of four years, Mauricio won a total of 20 caps and he was also one of the participants in 2002 FIFA World cup.

Mauricio Pochettino Coaching Career

Mauricio spent his career as a player for 18 years then he became a coach for Espanyol in early 2009. His first match as coach was at Futball Club Barcelona or FC Barcelona. The team was managed by Josep Gardiola in the 2008-09 Copa del Rey. The team was reluctant at first as they just had two sessions on training prior to this game. With his way of encouraging the team, giving team one-on-one pushing, they yielded 0-0 draw.

They ended the season with fate in their favor, they brought home the bacon with the result of 2-1, a victory against Barcelona. In 2010, he was extended for one year which ran until 30th of June 2012. In may of 2012 his contract renewed for until 2014. In his extended tenure, however, they got a loss against Getafe Club Futball placing them at the last spot. By then, in mutual consent, his contract was terminated.


Despite the fact of the lowest position of the team, Mauricio still got a positive comment from the people in the industry. After Espanyol, he managed Southampton in 2013 and recorded their first win bringing home victory over Manchester City Football Club, who was the reigning champion. The team had multiple victories including the wins over Liverpool and Chelsea.

Mauricio Pochettino Net worth bio

Pochettino, in 2014, he was appointed head coach of Tottenham Hotspur. He was given an award Premier League Manager of the Month. His victories and achievements with the league continue and recorded an estimated net worth of 12 million pounds. His current salary is estimated to be $8.5 million a year. 

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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