Maureen Mcguire

Personal life

Maureen McGuire married Michael Bolton in 1975 but unfortunately got divorced in 1990.In their 15 years of marriage they have had three beautiful daughters, Taryn Bolton, Holly Bolton, and Isa Bolton. They are both aged around 64 and are proud grandparents of five grandchildren.

Maureen was born in 1969. The daughter of David Collins and Darlene Collins and sister of David Collins jr and Michael collins. Maureen is from Rochester and a 20 year old veteran of radio and television news. She is pleased to work for a hometown community like the Breast cancer coalition of Rochester, Lifespan and Gilda's club. She is a lover of the arts and is fascinated by roller coasters, bookstores, football and travel. Maureen likes to live a private life away from the media. She likes to go on a family vacation with her children and grandchildren and that is what makes her happy in life.

Maureen McGuire has been a yoga fitness instructor on the East Haven Beach. She has been practicing yoga for 49 years. The matter of fact is that her oldest daughter resides in East Haven and Maureen gets to spend time with her. Her daughters and grandchildren, all love practicing yoga, says Maureen. She is a proud grandparent. She actively participates in helping the homeless and needy with her yoga classes for donation to such noble cause. With her great response in lieu of her yoga classes, she has collected food, clothes and funds to help the needy in East Haven (2017).

Maureen Mcguire Twitter @maureenMcGuire8 , news anchor, WROC-TV Channel 8, rochester, NY. Following 1868 and followers 4218.


In a career of almost 40 years, Maureen , chief marketing officer at Bloomerang, shows her top roles at IBM, Sears and then at the financial information giant.Maureen McGuire was the lead charge, Bloomerang's chief marketing officer (CMO), tasked with reaching new markets and capitalizing on data and digital opportunities. Former executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the sears holdings corporation, she is an independent consultant on Linkedin.

She tells us at the age of 19, she was at Glasgow University, spent a year in Paris, studying and teaching English and that year opened manifold possibilities for her.Maureen was rejected in the British Embassy in Paris and was introduced to the IBM office just across the street where she was an emergency replacement for the third secretary.Those were the days with no e-mails, she was supposed to log and summarize all the mail, and helped organize an external advisory board of European luminaries. Through a new applied IBM exchange program between Europe and United States , she was assigned to the marketing communications group in the US for a year.

In 2005, she was recruited by Sears to restructure their market function and revive the flagging brand.The quick moving environment was good preparation for Bloomerang for her.At Bloomerang she started a team and analyzed the Bloomerang brand."Marketing is both an Art and a Science, you start and finish with the science", she says.