Mary was born on 8 November 1950. She was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio and she was born in Madison in South Dakota in the United States of America. It is known that her childhood was spent in Sioux Falls and for a short period of time she also lived in Denmark. Records suggest that Mary is quite fluent with Swedish along with English and Danish since an early age. The name of her mother is Dorothy Harum but the name of her father is not known.

Apart from Mary, her parents had two more children and both were boys. The name of Mary’s brother is Michael Harum and David Harum. She went to Augustana Academy and she later enrolled at Augustana College to complete her education. Later, after completing her graduation, she started working for Washington High School and she worked there for two years.

It is known that Mary also competed in several beauty competitions, for example, she competed in Miss South Dakota in 1970 and she won the competition. Next, she also competed in Miss America in 1971 and she was one of the semi-finalists in the beauty pageant.

After leaving Washington High School, Mary started producing a show on KSFY – TV. She was also the anchor of the show. This was basically the start of her career. Later in 1976, she started working for KMTV. She hosted a show known as Doomsday. Later she started working in TV commercials and there shows. It is known that she tried to leave the TV industry but she had to return because of her financial needs. As per the information, Mary gained a lot of popularity because of her legs and she ended up insuring her legs for a sum of 1 Million Dollar each.

As per the records, Mary got married in 1972 and she chose Terry Hart as her husband. She owned several properties with her husband and it is known that her husband was a well-known film producer. Two of her houses were located near the Yellowstone Club. The records suggest that Mary also owns a couple of more homes in California.

In 1979, she called off her marriage with Terry Hart after 7 years of marriage and 10 years later she decided to get married to Burt Sugarman. Burt is also a television producer and he produced several famous shows. It is known that Mary had a child from her first marriage and the name of her son is Alec Jay. She had also been very actively participating in charity programs and it is known that she also helped in opening a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Mary is known to be a spokeswoman for the famous Edit Sanford Breast Cancer Initiative.

The annual salary of Mary is not known as the information is not available on public domain but as per the information, her net worth is over 10 Million American Dollars. Some of the sources suggest that her net worth is being understated by her.