Maggie Rodriguez

Maggie Rodriguez is a famous television anchor. She is known in the social media through her anchoring skills in ‘The Early Show’ of the CBS television.

Personal life

Maggie Rodriguez was born in the year 1969 on December 12th. She was born in Miami, South Florida and spent most of her early childhood time in Miami. She was the only child of her American parents and was pampered a lot. As Maggie belonged from a very rich family background, she has experience a luxurious lifestyle. Maggie’s father was the owner of an import and export business. As Maggie was born after the death of their two new born children, her parents never said her ‘no’ for anything. As both her parents remained busy most of the time in the business affairs, she felt really alone.

Maggie’s parents did not have the time to listen to her so she developed some friendships in her middle school, which led her to certain addictions. Even when she used t party throughout the night with her friends, her parents never enquired. As she was growing up, she could not feel the affection of her parents any more. Leading to her depression and loneliness, she got addicted to drugs.

Maggie’s parents had no clue about her addiction because they remained busy with their work. When Maggie was in the ninth standard, she was hospitalised due to the overdose of drugs. It was then when her parents came to know about her serious health condition. After recovering from the state, she was sent to a recovery centre to get rid of her addiction. She had to spend two years at the rehab centre before she could finally recover. She came back to her normal and started concentrating in her career goals.


After completing her high school graduation, Maggie pursued journalism from the university. Besides that, she also took music classes from her sudden passion towards it. She had a great voice which paved her path towards anchoring. Maggie has also hosted a few events in her university. After completing her university education, she joined a channel for carrying out an internship. She has received a lot of appreciation for her great voice in the channel and has also served as an anchor for some of their morning and evening shows. It was from this time, when Maggie thought of taking up anchoring as a career.

After that, she joined the CBS television as an anchor. As she already had an experience in anchoring, along with a degree, it was easier for her to get the job. She also received a handsome salary at the channel. Initially, Maggie used to host the morning show of the channel. The show became very popular on the channel due to her anchoring skills. After that, she was also appointed for the evening show in the channel. She has also won several awards for her successful career. As far as her personal life is concerned, there is no information given in her biography.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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