Maggie Cassella

Maggie Cassella Bio

From her bio, Maggie Cassella is a comedian and actress of American- Canadian citizenship. she is well known as the host of a Canadian television talk show called Because I Said So and she is the founder of comedy Festival called We’re Funny That Way.

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Maggie Cassella education. Is he married? Her Career

Maggie Cassella finished her studies in Women’s studies and in philosophy. After graduation, she became a teacher at a Connecticut private boarding school where she was teaching religion and philosophy. Finding out that the salary was not enough; she decided to go back to school where she did law. She had worked for ten years in a law career and she was dealing with cases of people who suffer AIDS, some transitional issues that surrounds marriage and she had a test case for adoption of gay in Connecticut. After 10 years, she decided to quiet legal professional and started comedy as a career.

Maggie Cassella style is a mix of raves and rants. She found out that she can get unlimited materials by reading the news. She decided to work on Because I Said So format, which is a sit-down comedy which talks about new topics on religion, technology, entertainment and law.

During her show, she would mix some fun with interviewing of celebrities. She continued to do the interview, even when she became a field producer while attending Toronto International Film Festivals for a syndicated US entertainment called extra. As many years passes, she had interviewed well known people in comedy such as Joan Rivers, Bea Arthur and Phyllis Diller. She also interviewed performers like k.d Lang, Eartha Kitt, Laura Linney, Robert Downey, Juliette Binoche, Jude Law and William H.

In the year 2009, Cassella was a producer and also a host of six episodes at The Vent. It is a show that lasted 30 minutes and it would talk at one topic using different angles. She has a production company called A Sweet Little Production Company and it is found in Toronto where she is still working in producing films and shows.

As an actress, she appeared in different films like Gray Area, Burgeon and Fade and Do Not Bend. Maggie Cassella is being presented by Penny Noble who works for Noble, Caplan and Abrams Talent Agency based in Toronto, Ontario.

Maggie Cassella Age and Family and children

Husband, Family and Children Maggie Cassella is a lesbian so there are no questions about having husband and children. She sometime collaborates with Lea DeLaria, a lesbian comedian based in US-Based. Besides performing together, the two had co-write a book with two screenplays.

Cassella had been a co-owner for The Flying Beaver Pubaret. It was a restaurant with a performance venue at Parliament Street at Cabbagetown in Toronto. However, the venue suffered fire breakout and it closed. The information about her family and age is not available, Information about her net worth is not available online.


04 Dec, 2018