Lourdes Benedicto

Lourdes Benedicto, well known for her roles in Eva Rios, Alicia Lawson and many more is a famous actress from the United States. She has done numerous roles in TV Series and films. She is a married woman since 2006. Her appearance can be seen in present show “Pure Genius”. She is a 1996 graduate with a degree in theatre. This actress is the only girl child in her family and being so, she opted acting as her career and has been noticed in various shows. She is secretive in nature and does not like to share her personal life. She looks perfect with a tall height and a perfect figure. She belongs to Filipino and Spanish descent.

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Personal life

Though her personal life is completely personal, sources show that her birth marked the date as 12th November 1974. The actress got married to Matthew Curley on 9th June 2006 and is living a happy life since after. She completed her graduation with a degree in theatre from Carnegie Mellon University and her efforts got her noticed. Few of her works are “NYPD Blue”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”, “Resurrection Blvd.” etc. There is no news of the couple having children but it has been heard that the couple loves to spend time with each other.

Net worth

Her net worth is approx $2 Million and she is expected to maintain it with her efforts.

Social media

As already discussed, she is not a social kind of person with her personal life kept, a secret. Her fans would be more than happy to follow her on social sites but her presence on such sites is not clearly mentioned.


Benedicto’s career has been fascinating with so many roles done in TV Series and films and she has received fame in this industry. All credits to her efforts and hard work. She is New York born actress, who started her career in 1990’s and her first role was in “Gryphon”, followed by role in “NYPD Blue”, which helped her in gaining public attention.

While working in films, she worked with famous stars like Ben Stiller, Maria Bello. She left a shining mark in her career by working in “Dawson’s Creek”. When she was on shoot for series 24, she got involved in a car collision with police vehicle and the incident made her famous with name “Cop Car Carrie”. In her career, she has also been a part of musical comedy “The Fighting Temptations”. She has already reached a good place in her career. We wish her to grow more with her talent.

16 Jan, 2018