Lori Nelson

Lori Nelson Age

Lori Nelson was born in the year 1933 and she is a former model and an actress of American origins. She was born in the city of Santa Fe in New Mexico and she is a daughter to Mrs and MR R.A Nelson. She is the great grand niece of John J Pershing.

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 Lori Nelson Career

She started acting career when she was only 2 years and she appeared in a local theater production. When she reached 4 years old, the family moved and went to live in Encino in California. When she was 5 years, she got the title of Little Miss America. At early

age, she was touring the hospitals of veterans where she was entertaining the people. She acted into the production of small theaters and she modeled before the photographers. When she reached 7 years old, she suffered the rheumatic fever that kept her in bed for four years. After recovering, she went back to pageants and got the title of being Miss Encino when she was 17 years old. When she graduated at Canoga Park High School, she started to work like a model.

In the year 1950, she did sign for 7 year contract with Universal-international when the studio scout got to see her while performing at Little theater production. She made the film debut in the year 1952 in Western Bend of The River. After sometime, she did appear like Rosie Kettle for the comedy film called Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair.

She also got the supporting role at Francis Goes to West Point. In the year 1955, Nelson was the guest start at two different episodes. They were It’s Great Life and she took back the role she had as Rosie Kettle at Waikiki. The same year, she was the co-star for Creatures from the Black Lagoon Sequel for Revenge of The Creature.nShe had a supporting role in films which included a low budget sci-fi story called Day The World ended and it was directed by Corman.

Lori Nelson Net worth, Height

Her net work is not recorded yet. Her height is five feet with 7 inches

Lori Nelson Boyfriend, Dating, Married and Husband

In 1950, Nelson was dating actor Tab Hunter. This relationship became a topic of the gossip columnist and it was this time that they had been some speculation that they should get married. In his autobiography of 2005, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star. Hunter agreed that he wanted to marry Nelson but she struggle because he was not in terms of his sexuality. When Hunter was still dating Nelson, he was had also a boyfriend called Ronald Robertson.

In the year 1960, Nelson got married to Johnny Mann, a composer. They got two daughters, Jennifer and Lori Susan but they divorced in 1973. In the year 1983, Nelson got married again to Joseph J Reiner, a police officer.


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