Lori Jayne Weitzman Bernstein was born in the early 70s in Florida. Her exact date of birth is not available at this time, which is why her exact age also cannot be stated with assurance. She was a very creative girl from her early childhood. She has been interested in drawing and painting since her school years. There is quite a little information about her educational details and family.

After College she recommended herself as a talented artist and even decide to start her own business. Her unique corner located at 305 South County Road in Palm Beach, Florida State. She creates captivating compositions for weddings and unique jewelry for the bride dresses. Working in sunny Florida, where they all go in bright summer clothes, Laurie has found its place, creating unique jewelry that every day flashed on Pal Beach streets.

She has found herself a popular and profitable business. She is mainly focused her business on the creation of the unique design monograph. Today, Laurie has a huge clientele all over Palm Beach. She produces original lettering on almost any surface if it was cloth, handkerchief or a glass vase. Everybody on Palm Beachknows Lori Jayne and her exquisite gift shop.

In addition to the different souvenir items in her show is available linens. She also engraves picture frames and cuff links as well as serving trays. She produces personalized items for all occasions. The embroidery and engraving is done on site, with your choices like napkins, linens, golf balls, jewelry and kitchen things.

Now Lori and her gift shop have a great reputation, being one of the best Palm Beach Boutiques for Stylish Snow. With a unique personalization of every item you can imagine, Palm Beach's shop "Lori Jayne Monogramming" has taken customization above and beyond what her customers would expect.

Lori Bernstein will customize everything from ribbon-wrapped oreo to backgammon game boards, stylish bags, bathroom towels and even "more". Her cozy shop helps to create the vision for the parties, birthday celebrations or wedding ceremonies. Lori says that she has always been a personal vision of all things. It has long been trying to turn a boring theme in the interior in a cozy corner with a little help of small decorative trinkets, which she made by herself.

There is no information about is she married or not. She also seems to be focusing more on her small but successful business. She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to her personal life. She has managed to hide the details of having a boyfriend or husband from her clients and media. She earns a massive salary, but the exact total net worth of Lori is unknown. The information about Lori Jayne and her monogramming shop can be found on several social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook. Currently, she does not have a website, but the doors of her shop are always open for her customers.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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