Lori Allison

Lori Allison is a well known make-up artist. She rose to fame through her marriage with Johnny Depp. Though the couple has got divorced now, they are still on good terms. Their relationship and their divorce has been a controversial affair in the social media which has earned her fame.

Personal life

Lori Allison was born in the United States. She was born as the only daughter of her Irish parents. Her parents were the descendants of Italy. She holds an American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. Allison was pampered a lot by her parents but she could not enjoy all the pleasures of life due to the lack of enough money. Her parents were mere workers at the textile industry so they did not earn enough.

Lori was given a good education along with good livelihood facilities and was sent to one of the best schools in her city. They even fulfilled her dreams by allowing her to join the cultural clubs of her school. She was very good in arts and crafts as well as in dance. She had a lot of interest in both these fields. She never performed excellent in studies but her parents never complained. They supported her every time she took any decision about her life. When she decided to discontinue her studies in her high school and pursue art and craft, her parents stood by her.

Lori pursued arts after leaving her school. Her interest towards arts developed her keen interest towards makeup. When she was only fourteen years old, she started doing makeup. Allison thought that she can explore a lot with makeup and started her own YouTube channel. Her channel mainly focused on makeup and beauty and within a year, she had many subscribers in her channel. The girl used to show different makeup tutorials on her channel along with different tips and tricks of makeup and naturally had millions of views and a lot of comments appreciating her skills.

Lori Allison did many courses to establish her as a professional makeup artist in the glamour world. As she was already famous on the social media, it was not very hard for her to make her footing strong in the industry. At the age of 22, she became a successful makeup artist in her career. During a film event, Allison met Johnny Depp. He was very impressed with her work at the event and a friendship began between the two.

Soon, their friendship developed into relationship. They developed a very good bond and were immensely in love with each other. The social media was flooded with the news of their affairs and marriage. They dated each other for quite a long time before tying the knot. The marriage did not go for long and the couple got divorced after some years of their marriage. There was some kind of misunderstanding between them, which lead to this divorce. She has a high net worth of thousands and does not share much information about her personal life with her followers.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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