Loretta Lynn


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Loretta Lynn is a 1932 born singer from United States. She was born to Clara Marie and Melvin Theodore on 14th April. Loretta has seven siblings and their childhood was far from perfect the singer was born in a financially weak family located in a not so good community. Melvin Theodore(Ted) was not fortunate enough to see his children succeeding as he died of the lung disease. The young singer of that time tied the knot with six years older Oliver Lynn and the couple had six children together, out of which two died because of emphysema and drowning.

Her married life was not good; she blamed her husband for cheating her several times. Apart from her property in Tennessee, she is the owner of homes in Canada and Mexico as well. 1967–1980 was the best period for her career and she was brought into public attention with about 5 lacs copies sold of "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind). She has received numerous honors and awards throughout her life.

Personal Life

Coming to her personal life, as already discussed her childhood was not great and her married life was also not happy either. She got married early at the age of 15 and was pregnant at that time. Her husband was alcoholic and died in 1996. The couple had six children but two children died. One saving grace was that her husband was supportive of her career, and gifted her a guitar, which encouraged her to introduce her own band to the country and she got successful in that. Loretta’s music was inspired by her own issues of married life. Her autobiography “Coal Miner's Daughter” was nominated and got many awards as well. Loretta has a record of recording about 70 albums and with 48 millions sold. Loretta is not the only singer of her house; her sisters share same interest and success as well.


Loretta career life was perfect and owing to her interest in music, her career got started with singing in local clubs and church, later the singer started the band named “Trailblazers”. In 1960, she got the opportunity with Zero Records. In 1962, she got huge success with her single named “Success”, which reached the list of top 10. Few of her other hits are “Happy Birthday”, “The Home You’re Tearing”, “If We Put Our Heads Together” and many more are on the top list. Lynn was titled as the first American female to give her top 50’s to be added in top ten list.

She released an album named “I Remember Patsy” in the memory of her friend Patsy. Her autobiographies “Still Women Enough” and “You’re cooking it Country” brought the famous singer in limelight. Loretta was named as the Artist of the Decade because of her songs on sensitive issues, even the radio stations refused to play her song due to the topics the songs were based on. The famous singing icon once got her hip fractured but her dedication and love for work could not stop her from achieving success.

01 Feb, 2018