Lisa Cadette Detwiler

Lisa Cadette was born as Lisa Cadette Detwiler to Walter M. Cadette and Joan B. in Millbrook, New York. She is mostly known as the wife of Jim Cramer. Jim Cramer is a famous American TV personality and a best-selling author. She is a realtor by profession.

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Personal Life

Lisa was born in New York. Her father, Walter M. Cadette was an economist working for J.P Morgan in Manhattan, New York. Her mother, Joan B. was a teacher at a school in Queens. Lisa is mostly known for being the wife of a famous author and TV personality Jim Cramer and got the attention after the marriage with him. As she got recognition late in life, her biography does not contain much information about her early life.

However, it is known that she was an intelligent student and joined Trinity College Hartford, Connecticut. She majored in Genetics graduated from Trinity College having a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She has worked with different non-profit organizations. She worked with the Brooklyn Kinder Society and also serves as the board member of the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Lisa has been married twice. She has 3 children from her first marriage. She met Jim in 2006 and they got married in 2008. In fact, Jim has also been through a divorce before he got married to Lisa. Jim also has 2 children from his first marriage. They both were the victims of the failed marriages and found each other in bad conditions. Before meeting Jim, Lisa had lost her 2 years old daughter named Grace. Jim was very considerate of her feelings that were one of the things she felt was important for her and it led them to the good times of their life.


As Lisa graduated in Biology and majored in genetics, she worked in different fields though. She worked for a startup in the dermatologic area of the industry named Phoenix. She was known for her creativity while working there.

Later she went to work in the real estate industry. She joined Corcoran Group Real Estate. This real estate group was based in Brooklyn Heights. She also worked hard in this area and soon started to get appreciation. Her hard work paid off when she reached the top of the list in property sales and set a record for sales in 2012. She sold the high priced houses and that got her one of her awards known as the highest priced house sale in various areas. Her net worth is still unknown, but being a top property salesperson must have got her great commissions.

01 Nov, 2018