Lisa Blount was born on July 1, 1957. Her native city was a Fayetteville, one of the largest cities of Arkansas State. Her parents were Glen and Margaret. Lisa spent her early childhood in Jacksonville. She attended a local High School. After she graduated high school in the 1975, Lisa continued her education by studying theatre in Georgia at the famous Valdosta University.

Her first actress experience was in the end of 70s, she played a secondary role of Billie Turner and this movie was released in the 1977. Then she also landed few minor television roles. She continued her education and returned to college in the 1986, when she moved to California. She studied in College in San Francisco and graduated with a bachelor's degree of Arts in Theater. During 1986-1987 she also competes on Forensics Team from College in San Francisco.

She takes a part in the musical project “Hair” with a female main role during her work in Conservatory Theater. In the 1982 she played a role of Lynette in movie "Officer and a Gentleman”. Her breakthrough role was in the TV series “Profit”, where she played a stepmother of main character. She was a series regular on this short television Fox show along with Adrian Pasdar. Lisa takes a part in season two of detective television series “Moonlighting” along with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd with a minor role of beautiful prostitute Toby in the 1986. She also starred in the horror movie “Prince of Darkness” in the 1987.

Along with her second husband Ray McKinnon who always was her support, Lisa try herself as a producer, so in the 2001 she finally won her first and the last Oscar Award for her own movie “The Accountant”. Lisa also was a producer for the movie “Chrystal”, in which she acted too along with Billy Thornton. She has an extensive list of movies include "Dead & Buried", "What Waits Below" and "Radioactive Dreams".

Lisa Blount died in the 2010. She was found in her native home on October 27. That day her mother comes to visit her. Later the coroner said for one of the newspaper that she obviously died two days before official date. According to his medical report – it was a natural death. In fact he didn’t give an official reason of her death at the very end. Later her mother Margaret said for interview for site that her daughter was very sick, she had autoimmune disease. This disease makes a low level of platelets and kept her blood from clotting. It was the reason of bleeding and bruising. She said that it was the general problem why she died.

She was married twice. Her first husband was Christopher Tufty, who was an operator and actor. They had divorced after few years of marriage. She married again in the 1998 to famous actor and producer as well as the screenwriter Ray McKinnon. They were in love together before Lisa died in 2010. Her total net worth is not disclosed by any source.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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