Lisa Backwell

Lisa Backwell was born in the year 1990 in England in the city of Bristol. She is a British actress who is known because of the role she had like Pandora Moon in the British series called Skin. It was airing at E4.

She made the debut of her career when she was the guest star of Skins series when it was the end of the Season Two. The series then returned in the year 2009 for its third season and she and Kaya Scodelario were able to remain in the cast of the series. Others were only new cast for its third season. She was in the Pandora Moon character and she did meet Effy while at school and she became her friend. In the season three, Pandora meet with Thomas who is African boy and who was working as the cleaner in the school and then he became her boyfriend which led to a number of conflicts.

Besides Skins, other movies and tv shows she was in are Ella and Too Good of a Samaritan. In Ella, she was the main character of the movie. From her biography, when she started her career, she shared the screen with the brightest and young stars of Britain. Some of them are Hannah Murray, Dev Patel, Jack O’ Connell and Nicholas Hoult.

Lisa Backwell went to Bristol to study and she did the career in the finance. She then moved back to Bristol after completing Too Good a Samaritan movie in London. She lives with the parents and she says that she does not like to be alone.

When she was in London, she said that she was getting lonely in London apartment. She joined twitter in 2012 and she was posting the update about herself and other cast members. She does not like to post too much, now that she is in Bristol where she says she wants to live a quiet and country life. Her parents support her in her finance studies.

She continues to live a closer life with the co-stars who were with her in the Skins show and she likes to be with them in the Award Ceremonies and Movie Premiers. Her best friend from the show is Hannah Murray and they like to post pictures together on Instagram. Hannah said that Lisa is one of her special friends and they were able to relate from the time they met playing Skins.

It is hard to get more information about Lisa Backwell from her interview or website like imdb. She is tall of 5 feet with 3 inches. She is gorgeous and cute. She is a cool person and she has the best pair of legs. Her net worth is counted in thousands but the exact amount is yet to be recorded. More about her life: like if she is dating or not, is not available online.