Leland Beckel

Leland Beckel was once married to Bob Beckel, a political analyst. From losing his wife, Leland’s ex-husband has undergone frustrating times, especially after being fired. He was allegedly involved in a racism-based controversy against his colleague at Fox News. The racism incident cost Beckel, his job.

Personal Life

It was in 1990 that Leland and Bob met. During this time, Leland was a golf coach, and they thus crossed paths on a golf course. The two finally formalized their relationship through getting married. Unfortunately, in 2002, they terminated their marriage after 10 years. During their marriage, Bob and Leland had two children. Apparently, the kids did not give the two a reason, to stick together.  The two children are Alex Beckel and MacKenzie. Bob expressed his regrets of losing his family more so after his wife remarried.

Leland ex-husband, Bob Beckel, was born as Robert Gilliland Beckel in 1948 and is a Wagner College graduate. At some point, he held the deputy assistant office to the secretary of state with respect to the Carter administration. More recently, Beckel set foot back to Fox. His first time at FOX News dates back to 2000. During this time, Leland’s former husband served as a host of a show that concentrated on developing stories.  Up to date, Bob has accrued a stunning $10 million net worth though his salary is kept secretive.   

He has a memoir dubbed I Should Be Dead where he published about the struggles of fighting addiction and issues of politics. However, he has partnered with John Mann in authoring the publication. Again, he has worked for over 10 years as a columnist.  During these years, Bob has been publishing for USA Today alongside Cal Thomas. Bob articulates his aspects of life amazingly in his publications.

Career Life

Judging from Leland’s biography, she changed the decision to pursue a career in tennis after breaking her wrist. However, although she couldn’t play tennis any longer, Leland tried various other sports including lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball. After a short while, Leland learned about golfing and grew a strong preference for the sport as she paid utmost attention and time to golf as a sport.  

After much practice and hard-earned experience in the sport, Leland made it to the Mid-Atlantic Golf Association tournament where she competed as a junior girl. On joining college, Leland had already become a lover of golfing and thus, continued playing. She attended the University of Virginia. Two years after college graduation, Leland turned pro. As a result, she competed in high profile tournaments including the Futures Tour.

From being an amateur to competing in the U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, Leland has climbed the success ladder, but it has not been without much training and determination. A year after competing in the Championship, Leland was the runner-up during the U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship. In addition to that, Leland has worn an award as a coach for the Big East Coach of the Year, which account for quite a few accomplishments.