Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels (December 24, 1959) is a famous writer, actor, director and producer who is known to create movies on the subjects of sex, race, family violence and image. The Oscar-nominated director is openly gay, and he has no regrets about it. He has an estimated net worth of a whopping 20 million dollars. The net worth is expected to rise considering his upcoming endeavors.

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Early Life

Lee Daniels was born on December 24, 1959, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents William and Clara Daniels. He grew up along with his five siblings. His father was a cop and didn’t supported Daniels’ homosexuality. However, Daniels feel that is artistic nature comes from his father who loved poetry and reading.

In terms of education, Daniels attended and graduated from the Radnor High School. Later, he attended the Lindenwood University, Missouri.


Lee Daniels has directed some famous movies including Shadowboxer in 2005, Precious in 2009, The Paperboy in 2012 and Lee Daniels’ The Butler in 2013.

He has produced Monster’s Ball in 2001, The Woodsman in 2004, Shadowboxer in 2004, Tennessee in 2008, Precious in 2009, The Paperboy in 2012, Lee Daniels’ The Butler in 2013 and Richard Pryor: Is it something I said? ( under production).

He also appeared as an actor in A Little Off Mark in 1986 and Agnes and seine under Bruder in 2004. He wrote the script of the famous movie The Paperboy in 2012 along with producing and directing it.

Lee Daniels is the co-creator, writer, director and executive producer of the two TV shows Empire and Star. He also appeared in The Big Break in 2009 and The Black List : Volume 3 in 2010.

Daniels has also achieved considerable success in the healthcare industry. Daniels started as a receptionist in a Nursing agency in Los Angeles. He went on to become an important part of management in the same agency and later founded his own nursing agency within a short span of time. He started the agency with just five staff members, and today the number has increased to 500. His agency works in collaboration with the American Heart Lung Associations and the American Sickle Cell Anemia Association. Not only this, his agency had also managed to grab a contract with the AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Personal Life

Lee Daniels is openly gay, and he has absolutely no qualms about it. He was in a relationship with the casting director, Billy Hopkins and adopted two children, Clara and Liam.

Liam and Clara are Daniels’ biological nephew and niece. However, Daniels and Billy’ relationship could not last for long, and they parted ways.

In 2015. Daniels announced that both he and Jussie Smollett are sexually fluid. He said its true we are gay and shares a special bond but first we are sexual human beings. According to him, in every ten-fifteen years, they too want to sleep with women. He went on to clarify that it's not the body that matters, but it’s the energy, aura, and spirit one is attracted to.

26 Oct, 2018