Lauren Casey

Lauren Casey works as a certified broadcast meteorologist and she has more than 10 years of experience. She works for CBS3 Evening News in the city of Philadelphia. She has been given Emmy Award and she joined the Eyewitness News in 2015 together with Chelsea Ingram. Before joining the station, she was working to a sister station called WCCO-TV in the city of Minneapolis from 2011. She worked like a morning meteorologist of WINK-TV in the Southwest in Florida.

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From her biography, Lauren Casey was born in the Pennsylvania, in the city of Lancaster, however she says that she likes to consider South Jersey as her home since it is where her grandparents and mother live right now. She finished her studies at Rutgers University in the year 2006 and she got a Bachelor of Science for Meteorology. She got a dog called Edgar.


When she was still a student at Rutgers, she did internship at The National Weather Service of Mount Holly in New Jersey. She worked like a trainee of WCAU-TV in the city of Philadelphia. She got hired to work at WMGT-DT in the city of Macon in Georgia where she was a meteorologist in the year 2006. She continued to work there for 2 years. It was in this place that she got the experience for severe weather forecasting starting from tornadoes to hailstorms. In the year 2008, she made a switch to go to WINK-TV for the Fort Myers, in Florida where she was working in the same role for at least 3 years.

She then relocated to go to live in St Paul, in Greater Minneapolis to do the weather forecast with updates on WCCO-TV and she continued to work there until 2015.

For the family reasons, Lauren got a job and started to work at CBS News based in Philadelphia in order to be near her mother.


Lauren Casey is known as a certified broadcast meteorologist or CBM and she was given the recognition by American Meteorological society since she is among the best people in her career. She is an active person in the community and she does her best to give back to the community. She educates people so that they can be informed better about weather. In the year 2016, she was hosting the Kidcast audition in the city of Pennsylvania and she gives the children the chance to improve their forecasting skills on the television. She also went to Watertown-Mayer Public schools where she gave presentation on the use of mathematics with weather forecasting.

Married, husband, divorce Lauren Casey is married to her husband and he is also her sweetheart from high school. Her husband is called Brooks and they live in Greenwood. They are members of SS Francis and Clare Catholic church of Southland Church of Greenwood. The time of the wedding is not known but there is no record of any divorce. People can learn more about her on her Instagram or wiki pages.

25 Feb, 2019