Kristin Booth

Kristin Booth is a popular actress of the film industry. She is also a very talented theatre actress.

Personal life

Kristin Booth was born in the year 1974 on August 28th. She grew up in a Canadian family in Kinkora, Stratford, Ontario. She holds an American nationality. Kristin has a younger sister and as well as an elder brother. Her father worked in the railway department of the country and her mother was a fashion model. Kristin was fantasised by the glamour and fame, which her mother enjoyed. She always wanted to be like her mother, unlike her younger sister.

Kristin’s younger sister was very studious and had no interest in glamour and her brother always wanted to become a pilot. Kristin’s mother wanted to make Kristen, an actress. Kristin was also very beautiful which made her the talk of the town. Kristin’s father never wanted her to become an actress and wanted her to focus in her education like her sister.

Kristin had no interest in studies and has also been dropped out from two schools till her middle school. Kristin’s father gave her a condition and said that if she want to pursue acting, she would have to concentrate in her studies. She started her theatre career from the age of ten.

As Kristin’s mother was a popular model, she had some connections in the film industry. She was an active member in the children theatre group where all the actors were young. Though Kristin has never taken any training for building up her acting career, she used to perform very well on stage. Kristin won the hearts of the audience and impressed the directors with a few of her stage appearances. She has played major roles in many plays. Kristin’s performance only got better with time and she was able to fulfil her dreams earlier in her career.


Kristin got her first breakthrough role in the production Annie in the year 1986. She played the role of an orphan and earned a lot of appreciations through it. After that, she sharpened her skills in acting through her theatre experience. Kristin finally stepped in the film industry in the year 1997. She made an appearance in many supporting roles for some years till she was given a major role in the film Foolproof.

When it came to acting, Kristin showed a lot of patience. She never gave up easily and always kept on trying which has fetched her, a lot of recognition and fame in the industry. Kristin’s popular works include Young People Fucking, Signed, Sealed, Delivered and This Beautiful City. Kristin excelled both in the supporting roles as well as in the lead roles, which helped her to get the Genie Award for portraying best supporting roles. There is no information about Kristin’s personal life, given in her biography and thus, we are not sure whether she is married or has a boyfriend. Kristin is also not active in the social media and even her exact net worth amount is unknown.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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