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King Louie is the name of a character which first appeared in a film “The Jungle Book”, which is one of the most popular children's books, in the world. The Jungle Book was first released in the year 1967 by Walt Disney. King Louie is one of the favorite characters of The Jungle Book. The character of King Louie is not present in the original book which was written by Rudyard Kipling in the year 1894.

King Louie was shown in the films and TV series as an Orangutan which is a species of apes. According to the original story of The Jungle Book, King Louie was the king of the apes in a jungle where King Louie wanted to learn about the fire from the main character of the Jungle book “Mowgli”. However, there was no mentioning of King Louie or the Orangutan species of the apes in the original The Jungle Book which was released in 1894. So the story of the film is quite different from the original book. The character of King Louie remained in the films since the film The Jungle Book released in the year 1967. The character of King Louie also appeared in other films and TV series. The latest action film with the same title “The Jungle Book” was released in the year 2016.

According to the plot of the movie “The Jungle Book”, a large group of apes or monkeys kidnaps the main character Mowgli. This group of monkeys is known as the “Bandar-log” in the film. The character King Louie is the leader or king of Bandar-log who lives a very large temple in the jungle.

Mowgli is the main character of the film who is hiding from a villain character named Sheer Khan. King Louie asks Mowgli to teach him the art of making fire. In exchange, King Louie offers Mowgli protection from Sheer Khan. Mowgli’s friends Baloo and Bagheera try to free Mowgli from King Louie. King Louie finds out about the plan of Baloo and Bagheera and tries to stop them. In an attempt to catch Mowgli, King Louie runs after Mowgli in his temple. The temple collapses on top of King Louie as King Louie smashes down the walls of the temple while chasing Mowgli.

Who played King Louie in The Jungle Book? Louis Prima played the character of King Louie in the film “The Jungle Book” which was released in 1967. As the character of King Louie also appeared in other film and TV series, it was played by different actors. In the latest “The Jungle Book” film which was released in 2016, the character of King Louie was played by Christopher Walken.

Was Louis Prima, who played King Louie, married? Had he gone through a divorce? Louis Prima died on 24th August 1978. Louis had played the character of King Louie very well as a voice actor in the 1967 film “The Jungle Book.” Louis’s biography does not contain any information about his divorce. However, Louis Prima was married to Gia Maione.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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